Ranking the Powers of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Characters by User-Friendliness

“The Umbrella Academy” is well-known for its array of diverse superpowers, each with its own unique functionalities and quirks. The powers possessed by the characters range from reality manipulation to the ability to converse with the dead.

In a recent Reddit thread fans disscused how these powers would fare in the hands of a novice, ranking them according to the ease of use for a random, untrained individual. Here’s an evaluation of these rankings, from the most to least newbie-friendly:

Allison Hargreeves (Number Three)

Allison’s power, the ability to alter reality by starting a sentence with “I heard a rumor,” seems to be the easiest for a newbie to handle. It’s straightforward, powerful, and only requires speech to implement. At its most basic, it allows for mind control, but at its most potent, it can manipulate reality itself.

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Viktor Hargreeves (Number Six)

Despite Viktor being untrained, his power is still immensely potent. He has demonstrated a capability to generate energy tentacles, animate inanimate objects, and even cause significant destruction, like blowing up the moon. However, this power is ranked second due to the higher risk of accidental self-harm due to its uncontrollable nature.

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Luther Hargreeves (Number One)

Luther’s super strength is one of the most straightforward powers. As seen in the series, even as a child, Luther could toss fully grown men around with ease. This raw power and its simplicity make it a solid contender for a novice to handle.

Klaus Hargreeves (Number Four)

Klaus’s power to see and communicate with the dead comes bundled with the added perk of immortality, which can come in handy in desperate situations. However, the full potential of his powers, such as summoning and controlling the spirits, requires significant practice and skill, which may not come naturally to a newbie.

Diego Hargreeves (Number Two)

Diego’s power to manipulate the trajectory of objects in flight seems a bit tricky for a beginner. The most a beginner might be able to accomplish is curving objects they throw. Additionally, the effectiveness of this power greatly increases when combined with Diego’s combat training, making it less straightforward for a novice.

Five Hargreeves (Number Five)

Five’s time travel and teleportation powers seem highly complex for a beginner. The calculations required for precise control over these abilities seem to demand a level of mathematical understanding beyond the grasp of most. This “math paywall” puts Five’s powers lower on the list.

Ben Hargreeves (Number Six)

Ben’s power, unleashing a monstrous tentacled creature from another dimension, is incredibly potent but also extremely dangerous. Given its volatile and uncontrollable nature, it seems least suitable for a beginner. It’s akin to being shackled to a rampant beast with the potential for disastrous consequences.

Reader’s Opinions:

The thread’s most interesting comments included varying perspectives. One reader suggested that Viktor’s powers should rank lower because the fallout from any misstep could be catastrophic, as seen when Viktor’s loss of control led to an apocalypse. Another commenter focused on the potential positive social implications of Allison’s power, suggesting its use to promote peace and minority protection.

Of course, these rankings are hypothetical and primarily focus on the initial user-friendliness of each power. The actual effectiveness of these abilities in “The Umbrella Academy” depends heavily on the specific circumstances, training, and experience of the Hargreeves siblings.