Pedro Pascal Reveals Longtime Pose as a Coping Mechanism for Anxiety and Joins Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Evans

Actor Pedro Pascal recently opened up about a specific pose he has been doing for years, which he revealed as a coping mechanism for his anxiety.

During a red carpet event for the “Last of Us” in Los Angeles, his co-star Bella Ramsey noticed Pascal’s signature pose, where he places his left hand on his torso. After explaining the reason behind the pose, Ramsey responded with a sweet and understanding hug.

This gesture has been observed in Pascal’s red carpet appearances for almost two decades, including events attended with his close friend, actor Sarah Paulson.

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Pascal’s openness about his anxiety coping mechanism has resonated with fans and fellow celebrities, highlighting the importance of mental health awareness and self-care techniques.

The candid moment shared between Pascal and Ramsey demonstrated the supportive nature of their friendship, as well as the value of understanding and empathy in the face of personal struggles.

The “Last of Us” co-stars’ genuine connection has been praised by their followers, who appreciate the destigmatization of mental health issues in the entertainment industry. By addressing his anxiety on the red carpet, Pascal has contributed to a growing conversation about mental health and the various ways people manage their challenges.


This revelation serves as a reminder that even successful and talented individuals, like Pedro Pascal, may face personal struggles and rely on coping mechanisms to navigate through high-pressure situations.

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Pedro Pascal is not alone in having a unique coping mechanism; other celebrities have also shared their strategies for dealing with anxiety or stress.

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has mentioned using breathing exercises and visualization techniques to calm herself before performances. Actress Jennifer Lawrence has been open about her use of meditation and grounding techniques to manage anxiety during interviews and public appearances.

Furthermore, actor Chris Evans has spoken about his struggles with anxiety and how he uses therapy to help him cope with the pressures of fame. These examples show that celebrities, just like anyone else, face personal challenges and have developed various methods to manage their mental health.

By sharing their experiences and coping mechanisms, Pedro Pascal and other celebrities are helping to normalize discussions around mental health, encouraging fans to seek support and develop their own strategies to navigate life’s challenges. The more open these conversations become, the more people can understand the importance of mental health and work towards breaking down the stigma surrounding it.