Paul Giamatti Weight Loss During “Billions”: The Truth Behind It

Paul Giamatti acts as US Attorney Chuck Rhoades in the popular series Billions.

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In the series, Rhoades intends to bring down 9/11 survivor and hedge fund manager Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod, who accumulated vast amounts of wealth using various means, some not legal.

The show concentrates on the cat and mouse game between the two characters, which dictates their lives and takes a toll on those around them.

After breaking for 16 months, the hit series returned to the screen in January 2022 to continue with its sixth season.

Many were quick to notice Giamatti’s new look. Let us look at the reason behind his weight loss.

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Paul Giamatti Weight Loss

The Emmy winner seemed to have dropped around 15 pounds, and his hair seemed ‘whiter.’

He also did not have the beard many of the series’ fans have grown accustomed to.

Many were concerned that the actor’s weight loss was caused by an illness from which he may have been suffering.

The concerns are legitimate, considering he is one of the show’s star performers, even though we cannot say he is a fan favorite.

The superstar’s weight loss is not related to health issues; he is in good health and seems more lively compared to previous episodes.

Many people suggested that he was suffering from a chronic infection, which caused the massive weight loss.

There are no official sources to confirm that he was sick; thus, it is safe to assume the rumors are false.

Paul changed his appearance since he shaved his beard and embraced a look that goes with his character as an attorney.

Sources also revealed that his weight loss was not due to weight loss surgery.

Even though the actor has not talked about his new look, here are some facts we could find on the transformation.


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Paul Giamatti’s Weight Loss Journey Started During the Lockdown

It was revealed that his weight loss journey started during the pandemic.

With all the free time that came with the show taking a break, he prioritized his health to improve his immune system.

To achieve this, he had to stop consuming junk and eat fresh, nutritious meals.

He changed his diet, and the results were there for everyone to see.

The actor also started engaging in exercises to strengthen himself.

He transformed his home into a training studio and started participating in online yoga classes though he never went to the gym.

The actor is thin compared to his previous times on screen, which was evident in Billions.

Since he has a new sparring partner in the new season, Paul’s size is smaller every time he appears on the screen.

Considering he did it to improve his health, many can only congratulate him and offer praises for his dedication.

The fact that his professional life seems intact is a good sign that he is in good shape, and there is no reason to stop appearing on the show.

His latest projects, Gunpowder Milkshake and Jungle Cruise, released in July 2021, and A Mouthful of Air, released in October 2021, show how he loves to keep things interesting when choosing the roles he performs.

Paul Giamatti as Sergeant William Hill in Saving Private Ryan.

Was Paul Giamatti’s Weight Loss Meant To Make His Character Interesting?

During an interview in 2021, the actor talked about how he enjoyed performing in odd roles compared to those he termed simple and predictable.

Even though he was talking about his performance in Gunpowder Milkshake, one could say this applied to his performance as Rhoades.

There is a chance that the significant change in his physique may add another touch to his Billions character to make him more interesting.

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In the same interview, he revealed that the series’ fifth season is enjoyable.

Fans will have to wait and confirm if his weight loss and his acting profession connect with each other.

Image Source: Showtime