Paul Giamatti Weight Loss During “Billions”: The Truth Behind It

Paul Giamatti’s breakthrough role in Hollywood is when he played Kenny Rushton in the movie “Private Parts”. 

paul giamatti

He is also famous for his performance in “Big Fat Liar”. 

More recently he has become a superstar in Hollywood and even won an Emmy award for his performance in John Adams.

Paul has been starring as Chuck Rhoades in Showtime’s drama series “Billions” which is currently in its fifth season. 

During the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020 the production of the show had to be abruptly suspended because of the restrictions that came with the pandemic.

On the return of the show fans were visibly surprised by the actor’s weight loss on Billions season 5.

Do you want to find out about it? First find out more about him.

Paul Giamatti is an American actor and producer known for his roles in films such as “Private Parts”, “Big Fat Liar”, “Donnie Brasco” among others. 

He is also an Emmy Award winner. 

Paul was born on June 6, 1967 in New Haven, Connecticut as Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti to a Yale University professor father and an English teacher mother. 

He was enrolled at The Foote School and then later Choate Rosemary Hall, a private boarding school. 

Following his graduation, he joined Yale University where he was very active in theatre. 

He graduated from Yale with a bachelor’s degree in English but stayed there to study Masters in Fine Arts at the Yale School of Drama.


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Acting Career

Paul’s career got off to a slow start in the early nineties as he featured in uncredited appearances in films and television series. 

He played a minor role in “Past Midnight” a 1991 film and then had a guest appearance in the 1994 crime series “NYPD Blue”. 

The actor also had a minor role in the hit 1995 romantic comedy “Sabrina”.

His first noteworthy appearance came in 1997 when he played a minor role in the drama “Donnie Brasco” and followed that by a supporting role in the film “Private Parts”. 

He was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Private Parts”. 

During the same year the actor also appeared in the drama “Arresting Gena” and the romantic comedy “My Best Friend’s Wedding”.

In 1998 He played a prominent role in the comedy film “The Truman Show” which was critically acclaimed and grossed over $264 million at the box office.

Giamatti then had an appearance in “Saving Private Ryan” which was hugely successful critically and commercially. 

Paul Giamatti as Sergeant William Hill in Saving Private Ryan.

In the same year the actor played several other roles including a supporting role in the action film “The Negotiator” and “Stealth Men”. 

The following year he appeared in the drama “Man on the Moon” and “The Cradle Will Rock”.

In the 2000s Paul’s career continued rising steadily as he played supporting roles in many different films such as “Big Mommas House”, “Big Fat Liar”, “Planet of the Apes” just to name but a few. 

The 2010’s were also successful for Giamatti with appearances in films like “The Hangover Part II”, “John Dies at the End.”, “12 Years A Slave” and many others.

Personal Life

Paul Giamatti got married to Elizabeth Cohen in 1997, the two divorced in the 2000s. 

They were blessed with one child together. Giamatti is an atheist.

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Paul Giamatti Weight Loss During “Billions”

The scrutiny about Paul’s weight is as a result of fans not seeing him for almost a year after the show “Billions” took a hiatus. 

Since Showtime was not shooting any more episodes, the actor got involved in some other projects, the immediate one being a role in an action movie “Jungle Cruise” that was being shot in Berlin at the time. 

Image Source: Showtime

The physical demands of an action film have definitely contributed a big deal in the change in the actor’s physique. 

Paul also attributes his weight loss to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

Truth be told it should not come as a surprise that Paul has lost that much weight and the fact that it has been easily noticeable this time is because of the said absence from “Billions” that has denied the fans to see his progression. 

If the show had not taken a break the weight loss would still be significant but not as noticeable. 

The actor from pictures from Billions recently looks to have lost around 15 pounds and that is a big kudos to him.