Kyla Weber: Net Worth and Other Facts About Vaughn’s Wife

Kyla Weber is recognized as a successful real estate agent. She is married to Vince Vaughn, a well-known American producer, writer, and actor.

Early life:

Kyla was born in Canada on July 1, 1979. Her hometown was called Okotoks in Canada. She is a powerful and passionate woman of 41 years. She has Canadian and American nationality. At school, she was an extremely intelligent student.

Interested in business, she obtained her degree from a college in Canada. After graduating from business school, she turned out to be a very successful real estate agency in Calgary, Canada. She worked as an administrator in a new home living in Cimarron. She’s got brown eyes and a lovely smile.

Her first meetup with Vince:

Kyla and Vince had their first encounter at a friend’s wedding ceremony. They both fell in love at first sight. They started dating afterward.

After a while, Vince introduced Kyla to his mother and father. Kyla made the headlines after she started dating Vince Vaughn.


As Vince introduced Kyla to her parents, they genuinely liked her. It was a moment of joy for the couple to get married. They made the decision to get engaged in 2009.

Vince asked her to marry him with a precious diamond ring. Over a while, they thought they should tie the knot. After a lovely proposal on Valentine’s Day, Kyla decided to marry Vince in 2010. They were secretly married in Illinois, at Lake Forest Academy. Kyla kept her privacy even though she was well-known.


Canadian beauty was in the headlines when Vince Vaughn started dating her. Kyla Weber has an extremely secretive but successful life. She migrated to the United States after marrying the man of her dreams, the one who made the world laugh with his talents as an actor. Weber went from a thriving Canadian realtor to a famous celebrity within days after the marriage.


After a while of their wedding, they welcomed their first baby in December 2010. This little girl blessed their lives and she was called Locklyn Kyla Vaughn. Kyla and Vince were really happy with their first baby. In August 2013, Vince announced on a program that they are expecting their second child. Kyla brought into the world a little boy called Vernon Lindsay Vaughn. The family relocated from Illinois to their current home in Los Angeles. 

Her career as a Realtor:

It appears that Kyla does not enjoy sharing her personal life with the media. She’s more interested in privacy. She used to keep her privacy in spite of being a famous person. There are not enough details about her career as a realtor in spite of the fact that she is a successful businesswoman.

Her Net worth:

In 2018, her net worth is estimated to be $1.25 Million. The net worth of her husband is estimated at around $50 Million. Vince Vaughn, an American actor, and producer, bought a home a year after his wedding to Kyla. He purchased this five-bedroom and luxurious house at Chicago’s penthouse in 2011. Kyla leads a luxury lifestyle with her family. 

A strong independent woman:

She is certainly a successful woman. Canadian beauty attracted media attention as she began to hang out with Vince. Working in the sale and purchase industry, she turned out to be a wonderful woman. She went on to work as a real estate agent, raising her children with her husband.

Even actor Vince appreciates her for being an independent, strong, and hard-working woman. Kyla is unquestionably an inspiration for all women in our society as she leads a successful career and a happy family life.