Kevin Spacey Accuses Hollywood of Ruining His Reputation: “I Hope Common Sense Will Prevail”

Kevin Spacey believes that no one wants to hire a “canceled” star and that Hollywood doesn’t easily forgive certain things.

The two-time Oscar winner and once one of the most respected actors in the world, Kevin Spacey now has the reputation of a sexual predator, despite being found not guilty of sexual assault in 2023.

This is because new accusations have surfaced against him, prompting the actor to comment on whether it is possible to return to Hollywood after such allegations.

During an interview on Lex Fridman’s podcast, Spacey said:

“I live in an industry where there is a lot of talk about redemption from many people who are very serious, in very serious positions, who believe in it. That guy who finally got out of prison and was wrongly accused… We see a lot of people saying, ‘Let’s find a way for that person.

Let’s help them rejoin society.’ But there is a strange situation if you are in the entertainment industry, you are not offered such a path. And I hope that the fear people are experiencing will fade over time and that common sense will return”.

Spacey is trying to return to the business, but given how the situation has unfolded, it seems his days of starring in high-budget films are behind him. He will have to settle for independent, low-budget productions.

This year, the thriller “Peter Five Eight” was released, featuring Spacey, but it went completely unnoticed, as expected. He is also set to appear in the Italian production “The Man Who Drew God,” in which he plays the Devil.

On the other hand, the actor does not blame the industry but rather the current cancel culture.

“I don’t think it’s about the industry. I think it’s about our times. People are very scared. They are literally afraid of being ostracized if they stand up for someone who has been canceled. We have seen this many times in history; this is not the first time it’s happening,” he said.

Even if Hollywood has completely canceled his engagements and the audience has written him off, Spacey still finds support among some fellow actors. Some of his supporters include Sharon Stone and Liam Neeson, as well as director Paul Schrader, who have not been afraid to say that he is needed in the film industry.