The Only Keanu Reeves Film to Gross Over a Billion Dollars

Despite appearing in some of the most successful film franchises of all time, such as The Matrix and John Wick, only one film in Keanu Reeves’ filmography has grossed over a billion dollars.

The film in question is the animated movie “Toy Story 4,” the most financially successful sequel in Pixar’s popular franchise.

Reeves voiced one of the new characters, Canadian stuntman Duke Caboom. Duke is one of the new toys that the protagonist Woody (Tom Hanks) meets while trying to rescue his friend Forky (Tony Hale).

The inspiration for his character is the famous American stuntman Evel Knievel, known for his daring motorcycle rides. Although many critics thought the film would be a failure, believing that nothing could surpass “Toy Story 3,” the director and screenwriters proved them wrong.

In the third film, Woody and the other toys said goodbye to their owner, a boy named Andy. In the latest installment of the franchise, Woody faces existential questions and tries to broaden his horizons.

“Toy Story 4” earned approximately $1.07 billion, while “Toy Story 3” earned $1.06 billion. Both films have high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes – “Toy Story 4” holds a 97% rating from critics and 94% from the audience, while its predecessor has a 98% rating from critics and 90% from the audience.

The great success of the fourth film has led to the green light for “Toy Story 5,” which is currently in development. The fifth film is set to be released in theaters in 2026.