Clint Eastwood Says One of His Films Is Misunderstood: “It’s a Love Story”

A cinematic love story doesn’t have to be a romance, and the best proof of this is Clint Eastwood, who has gained extensive experience in this regard.

“The Bridges of Madison County” from 1985 undeniably stands out as the pinnacle of his films on the theme of love. This Oscar-nominated story is about a photographer who falls in love with a housewife during his last assignment.

But there are many different forms of love. Eastwood acknowledged that the film “Million Dollar Baby” was marketed as a sports drama, which, according to him, is not accurate.

“Million Dollar Baby is about the search for family, people who dream of success, and the attempts to reach the top,” explained the director.

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“When I tried to sell the idea of making this film, everyone wondered why a movie about boxing, especially women’s boxing. I said it’s not a film about boxing, it’s a love story,” added Eastwood.

Fortunately, Warner Bros. managed to understand Eastwood’s vision, resulting in the film about an underestimated boxing trainer, haunted by his past, seeking redemption by helping an amateur boxer with her fragile dream of becoming a professional. The film won four Oscars, including Best Picture.

“Hilary Swank in the film becomes the daughter or surrogate daughter of Morgan Freeman. It’s a love story between a father and daughter,” claims Eastwood.

“Million Dollar Baby” brought Oscars for both Swank and Freeman, who won for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.