Kevin Costner’s Demands Caused Drama Behind the Scenes of ‘Yellowstone,’ Leading to Show’s End

Fans of “Yellowstone” may be disappointed to learn that the show is coming to an end, and it appears that some behind-the-scenes drama may be at play. Reports suggest that Kevin Costner, one of the key actors, had demands that ultimately led to the breakdown of talks for extending the series.

Kevin Costner, known for his commanding on-screen presence, seems to have stirred the pot behind the scenes of the popular TV show “Yellowstone.” Paramount, along with the show’s writer and creator Taylor Sheridan, had decided that season five would be the series’ last. But wait, there’s more to the story.

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According to Puck News, Kevin Costner tried to negotiate for two more seasons but his list of demands may have been his own undoing. Costner wanted more money, a schedule that accommodated his own projects, and even creative veto power over writing choices involving his character, John Dutton.

“Costner has had a famously big ego in Hollywood since he was a massive star in the ’80s and ’90s; not much has changed, apparently,” the report stated. His requirements became too much for Sheridan and Paramount to handle, causing them to end the show and focus on a new spin-off featuring Matthew McConaughey.

The decision was a weighty one, considering the show’s immense popularity and financial success. “Considering how popular the show is and how much money it makes everyone, you really have to consider how hard it was to work with Costner that Sheridan and Paramount would essentially kill their own meal ticket,” Puck News reported.

In an interesting twist, Costner did attempt to mend fences over the summer. After speaking with lawyers and Paramount’s top brass, he had a discussion with Sheridan to hash out their differences. But even during that call, Costner couldn’t resist asking for more money and accommodations, failing to reach a compromise.

As if the story weren’t already a maze of conflict, Costner’s legal inclinations came to the forefront. He reportedly believes he could sue using a “moral death” clause in his contract, which would prohibit the humiliation of his character. Given that the script for season 5B—the show’s final season—is already written, and Costner’s character is slated to be killed off, things are bound to get awkward.

The show is now set to conclude its five-season run with its original cast. Following that, a new spin-off starring Matthew McConaughey will take center stage. As for “Yellowstone,” fans can catch reruns that stareted September 17 on CBS, providing a fresh audience with the opportunity to dive into the drama, just as Costner makes his exit.