Who is John McAfee’s wife Janice Dyson?

Janice Dyson, the wife of the late John McAfee who was a cybersecurity millionaire, has a story of her own to tell!

Janice’s life took a three-sixty-degree flip after she met the love of her life John while he was on the run for a murder charge! 

About Janice 

Janice who is just 35 years of age and is black in ethnicity has worked quite some time of her life as a prostitute because of her poor living conditions where she barely had any dollar bills to pay rent.

After living in a world of no respect and authority, she saw how the same world brought her to the love of her life which took her in a new direction.

Janice and McAfee

While spending her life as a prostitute, she met her to-be husband who hired her as a prostitute while he was running from a murder charge and was on a beach in Miami.

After meeting for the first time, it is reported that both of them instantly saw that spark in each other where they knew certainly that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

While Janice told in one of her interviews how he saw the human in her as she had been treated as an object throughout her period working as a prostitute.

She also said in one of her interviews that “It was, I don’t know how to say it, magical — cause he saw the hurt that was there.”

On the other hand, her sweetheart husband also had some sweet words to say to the media where he quoted “I instantly saw in Janice what I had been looking for my entire life”. 

The couple was greatly criticized because both of them belonged to diverse worlds but many had a positive outlook as well.

It was believed that the chain-smoker and possible murderer had found a prostitute and that they were made for each other. Either way, nothing could separate the great love between the two after they got married in 2013. 

Both have been living in a mansion in Tennessee and there are bodyguards and workers left and right for safety and security of Janice. She has a luxury lifestyle after she has married John and has been living the dream of most girls out there in her princess world. 

Even though the age gap between the love birds is over 30 years, there was nothing that stands between them. They have indeed proved that age is just a number like most celebrity couples out there with unusual age gaps. 

Janice Dyson’s Net worth 

Since Janice herself doesn’t have much presence in the business and social world, it was her husband that was taking care of the dollar bills and bank accounts.

Most of their revenue comes from their association which is successful now.

As for this date, it is calculated that McAfees had a net worth of 10 million dollars which is a whopping amount for someone who has had many controversies and charges in the past and throughout his career time. 

Even though Janice’s husband has had a couple of failed marriages in the past and Janice herself has had a tough time living, she is still pretty contented with how her life turned out after she met John and the couple was happy in their life as it was. 


On Father’s day, just 3 days before John passed away, Janice posted the following message on Twitter:

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