Who is David Goggins Wife?

Although much is known about David Goggins, very few know about his wife. However, being the center of attention with his achievement may have been asking who David Goggins’s wife is. Today, we dig up some of the key facts about his love life. 

David Goggins’ Wife Pam

In the book, he mentioned his girlfriend Pam and he did marry her. He has a child with her if I got it right from his book.

It’s a daughter and she is 10 years old. They were broke he was at the time and he, his wife, and kid were living in a studio apartment.

He tried to make it work with her, but things didn’t work out and they got divorced.

David Goggins’ Wife Aleeza

The athlete was once married to Aleeza Goggins. and she is called Kate in the book. The two reportedly got married in an invite-only ceremony back in 2005.

No more details surfaced about their marriage since. Even after the wedding, not much is revealed about their life together. The couple split just two years into their marriage.

Who Is Aleeza Goggins?

Aleeza Goggins is a licensed nurse from Japan. During her marriage with David, she tried as much as possible to stay out of the media. Despite her attempts, his husband was a man who loved the cameras. Aleeza once revealed that David does not like running on riding bikes. He only does them for the cameras.

There is not much known about Aleeza. But we have some facts about her. She was born in 1961, making her 59 years now. This also means that she was 14 years older than her ex-husband.

She is of Asian origin and a Japanese national. Mrs. Goggins stands a height of 164 cm( 5 feet and 4 inches) and weighs approximately 58kgs. She has black hair and eyes.

Why Aleeza And David Goggins Divorced

The couple’s divorce shocked everyone. The two were just married for two years when they decided to split. But why did they divorce? 

According to David Goggins, the two separated due to sexual dissatisfaction in their marriage. It is reported that Aleeza initiated the divorce on these grounds. Things went worse after Aleeza had to undergo a major surgery while David had an accident.

They got more devastated when their home got burglarized during this time. The two later resolved to divorce under mutual understanding. David Goggins was later rumored to be dating an Olympic gymnast whose name is not mentioned.

The couple went for marriage counseling

Before the two separated, they tried to go for marriage counseling. This was after rumors surfaced about David Goggins having an affair with the famous Olympic gymnast. Aleeza hated this situation and tried marriage counseling. However, things remained the same. Although none filed for an official divorce, Aleeza now lives in Japan as her Visa expired in 2012, as reported by David. They are still good friends now.

In fact, she continues to support her ex-husband’s Support Team as a member of the American ultramarathon runner.

Aleeza Goggins’ Net Worth

Aleeza is a Japanese licensed nurse and makes a living out of this. Nurses in Japan make between $70,000 and $85,000.

However, as she left the US after her visa expired, not much is known about her career and whether she still practices it. The two have been separated for over a decade now.