Who is Nathan Fillion’s Wife? Is he Married?

Nathan Fillion does not have a wife, but he has been engaged three times, and neither ended up with him marrying.

During his career, he has been involved with different women, including his costars in various television shows and movies. Some of his relationships even resulted in him getting engaged. 

Still, he never managed to find a wife, and it always seemed his relationships ended when he was almost walking down the aisle. 

Is Nathan Fillion in a relationship?

No, Nathan does not have a partner at the moment. Fillion is not your average guy or celebrity since he is now single, though this does not mean his love life is boring. 

Fillion’s most recent public relationship was with Krista Allen, known for her performance in the long-term series Days of our Lives. Allen and Fillion started dating in 2015 after reportedly meeting through a mutual friend. 

Their romance lasted five years before they decided to separate in 2020.

Based on his previous statements, the superstar is not against the idea but has found it challenging to find the right person he would spend the rest of his life with, and instead, he is focusing more on his profession. 

Nathan Fillion’s Dating History

Now, it is quite safe to say that Nathan seems to have had an excellent career, but what is to be said of his love life?

Through a quick google image search, you will see him in the arms of multiple women throughout his career.

These women include Felicia Day, Kate Luyben, Christina Ochoa and Krista Allen. The Castle actor has even been engaged twice. However, the actor is yet to walk down the aisle and is not currently in the mood to tie the knot.

That being said, his love life is anything but boring! Let’s dive deeper into the love life of the charming actor now! Charismatic actor has become quite a big shot in the entertainment world already.

With his devilishly charming looks and magnetic personality, he has had no issues in finding partners. However, most of his relationships have fizzled before anything serious could have ensued.

Nathan Fillion and Vanessa Marcil

Fillion’s first public relationship was with Vanessa Marcil. These two lovebirds started dating in 1995 and kept dating for up to 8 months. This was when Nathan decided to pop the question to Vanessa.

The two seemed to enjoy being engaged to each other but, alas, it was too good to be true. They remained engaged for around 6 months before they mutually decided to part ways.

However, Nathan was not going to give up on love and tried his luck again in 2005. This time he fell in love with Perry Reeves.

The beautiful couple dated from 2005 to 2009. This couple seemed to have a very serious relationship. However, it did not last as the relationship seemed great on the outside, but the inside was messy. This caused them to split ways.

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Nathan Fillion’s Engagements

After the Perry Reeves fiasco, Nathan gave it another shot with Felicia Day in 2009. Even though this relationship never was confirmed, there is enough circumstantial evidence to report that there was some element of romance between the two.

The countless photos of the two leave us to believe that there was some flirting going on between the two. After that, Nathan was in multiple relationships but none of them were quite as serious. That was up till Mikaela Hoover came along.

The couple started dating in 2013 and were engaged the very same year.

This was Nathan’s second time proposing as he thought that he found ‘the one’ this time. These two were the perfect power couple and arrived on multiple red-carpet events together. The couple was inseparable. This led many people to believe that Nathan had found the perfect girl – the perfect queen for a happy ever after.

Unfortunately, it was not to last again. On the surface, everything was all jolly and cheerful, but the couple broke up after only 2 months of what seemed to be a perfect engagement.

Their relationship ended when Fillion started dating actress and scientist Christina Ochoa. The pair were reported to have taken things so fast that they were engaged within a year of their relationship. 

This leads us to call it the dreaded ring curse which has left the actor brokenhearted two times.

That being said, let’s hope that he gives dating another try and gets back in the game again!

Yup, Nathan Fillion Doesn’t Have a Wife

Now, that you know of Nathan’s dating past, you know that the poor guy is very much single at the moment.

Considering that his dating life has been nothing but a rollercoaster, it would be wise to assume that he probably has some very interesting stories to tell, and we can’t wait to hear them.

Despite all the trials and tribulations, Nathan still hasn’t given up on love. However, it is said that he is not actively in search of a partner. This means that if the right person walks in, Nathan will leap at the opportunity for another chance at love.

Nathan Fillion’s Perception of Marriage

After his relationship with Ochoa ended, the actor seemed to change his approach.

He took a long break before he started dating Allen, and even though he never asked her for her hand in marriage, their relationship lasted for five years. 

The actor never talked about his relationships or how he views love and marriage. 

Still, one can find clues after listening to his statement about his character, Rick Castle’s love story in Castle. 

He revealed he wished his character would end up married in Maui in a neighborhood he enjoyed visiting for vacations.