How did Jessica Szohr Make Her Money? The Truth Behind Her Incredible Wealth

Jessica Karen Szohr became famous in 2007 when she acted as Vanessa Abrams on the teen drama series Gossip Girl, which aired from 2007 to 2012.

Her recent performances were in 2015 when she acted in Complications and Kingdom, the 2017 movie Twin Peaks, and the series Shameless, which aired from 2017 to 2018.

Since 2018, she has been the main character in the fiction series The Orville.

Jessica Szohr’s Net Worth

The actress is estimated to be worth $145 million. So, how she built her incredible wealth and why is she so rich?


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Jessica Szohr Businesses and Other Sources of Income

The actress is the oldest of five children, and it seems she learned about operating a business when she was still young.

She played soccer and served as a student council and cheerleading squad member.

She also started a cleaning company with a friend, and their first customers at the time were their teachers.

When looking at people’s worth, tabloids look at factors like profit participation, upfront pay, endorsements, residuals, and advertising work.

The actress’s $145 million net worth is attributed to her investment in smart stock, various property holdings, and endorsement deals with different cosmetic brands.

The superstar also has several restaurants like the “Fat Szohr Burger” chain in Washington, The Menomonee Falls Angels, and launched her brand of vodka known as Pure Wonderszohr – US.

She also has a fashion line known as Jessica Szohr Seduction and a top-selling perfume called With Love from Jessica.

The actress also appeared in Taylor Swift’s 2013 music video for her song titled 22.

She started her podcast XOXO, which according to the website, provides the ultimate deep understanding of the cultural sensation known as Gossip Girl.

It interviews other actors, crew members, and celebrities in different segments like fashion and music.

The actress recreates the behind-the-scenes stories, New York, on-set memories, and fan-favorite episodes.

Each week she and guests would discuss new episodes that helped transform the culture into what it is and changed the lives of those involved and the show’s millions of fans.

Jessica Szohr Income From Acting Between 2021 and 2023

Even though the last few years have not been easy on her, at least she managed to make a lot of money to ease her pain.

The actress was recently named one of the highest-paid actresses since she earned $46 million in combined income.

She topped the list of the highest-paid actress even though, in 2020, it seemed like her career was taking a slump.

She earned money between August 2021 and August 2022, which was a lot compared to her closest competitors.

This was good for her fans since they had been waiting for her return to active duty for a long time.