Does Stephanie Beatriz Really Sing in Encanto?

Does Stephanie Beatriz sing in the Disney animation “Encanto?” The short answer is – Yes. But before you click on another article, let me tell you more about it, because this kind of singing, you haven’t heard of before, I am sure. 

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Stephanie Beatriz Bischoff Alvizuri, that’s her quadruple name, and it’s not a surprise, being that she is of Spanish, German, and Dutch descent.

Originally born in Argentina, in Neuquén, in 1981. She reached an all-time high of 1.68m, without high heels. And if you become her friend one day, she’ll let you call her Steph, as her other friends and family do.

Before “Encanto,” she was in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Short Term 12.” And since 2018 she is married to Brad Hoss, with one child. Now you might think why am I telling you all this, cause the title of the article isn’t anything to do with that. Well, it is, directly related, you’ll see how.

So, Does Stephanie Beatriz Actually  Sing in Encanto?

She auditioned for a part in the Disney animated film by singing “You’re Welcome” from the “Moana” animated film.

And of course, she won the audition and got the part of Mirabel. If you haven’t watched Encanto, definitely do so, it’s a lovely Disney animated film, refreshing, compared to their last few.

I can say that she might say that being in a Disney film is a dream come true for her, as she has long been a Disney fan. Such a fan that even her bachelorette party was held at Disneyland. No, I’m honestly not joking.

I mean apart from her long-time dream, she also got a pretty decent payday as well considering that “Enchanto” had an astonishing box office of over $256 million.

In “Encanto,” she voiced Mirabel, who is a fifteen-year-old girl, the main role, and a member of the Madrigal family.

While she was originally to get a job for the role of Luisa, she actually didn’t, because, when the producers met with Stephanie, they realized that she is not at all like her famous character Rosa Diaz, in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

They realized that Stephanie is much bubblier than they thought at first. So that’s why they gave her the role of Mirabel.

So, check this out now. While recording her vocals in a studio, for the song “Waiting for a Miracle,” Stephanie was nine months pregnant.

But not only that, she was technically in labor. On the day of the recording, she noticed that she has contractions.

But the brave Stephanie didn’t want to say anything about the contractions to anyone from the production, because she knew that they would panic and precaution not let her record.

So bravely and with responsible irresponsibility she finished the recording of the song and the next day she gave birth.

So when you watch “Encanto,” pay close attention, that song weighs much more than the others! It was Elisabeth singing, with backing vocals from her tummy, by her yet-to-be-born baby.