Who Is Claudia Salas? Meet Elite’s Star

Claudia Calvo Salas is also known as Claudia Salas is a Spanish actress.

Source: Netflix

She was born in Madrid, Vallecas on 23rd July 1994.

She has been in the limelight for playing Rebeka Grill in Elite on Netflix as well as Escalante in the Movistar and the Plague series.

She has an authorized Instagram account where she is exceptionally popular.

Her 5.1 million followers on Instagram claim that Claudia is inspiring people with her posts and photos.

This brief information is not enough to explain “Who Is Claudia Salas?”


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Claudia Salas – Biography

Claudia Salas is an influencer, model and actress. She has been featured on the cover of many magazines.

She was born in 1994 to Spanish parents. This means that she is 27 years old now. Her mother’s name is Maria Jesús Salas Ballesteros.

As far as her siblings are concerned, she has a younger sister and a brother.

The photos and posts of Claudia Salas on Instagram are usually professional, formal or casual.

She has a very diverse Instagram profile and you can find something for almost every type of audience. It is the main reason why this actress is getting popular day by day.

Salas celebrates her birthday on July 23 and she is a Leo. However, her ethnicity and religion are still unknown.

Let’s look at the celebrity’s net worth, relationship status, interests and other areas.

Claudia Salas – Physical Features

Claudia Salas is an amazing example of how to be both classy and seductive. She has true European features and an appealing figure.


Claudia Salas’s height is 1.65 m (5 feet and 5 inches tall).


She has an ideal weight of 55 kg which she maintains by following a strict diet.

Body Measurements

The estimated body measurements of Salas are 34-25-35.

Distinctive Features

She has a lean figure, blue eyes and dark brown hair.

Birth Place          


Date of Birth      

July 23,1994

Zodiac Sign         





5 ft 5 in or 165 cm


50 kg or 110 lbs



Sexual Orientation     





In a relationship



Net Worth                       



Percussion, Guitar, Singing.

Claudia Salas’s Role In ‘Elite’ On Netflix

Salas’s most famous role so far would have to be one from Netflix’s show “Elite”.

In this show, she portrays Rebe de Bormujo Ávalos or Rebeka. Her character is of a rich girl who has feelings for Samuel García.

The new student Rebeka is from a low-income family and has suffered in her early life.

Her father died while working as a construction worker and left this young girl to survive on her own.

After the death of her husband Rebeka’s mom started a business and entered the drug world. This made the family rich within no time.

The family moved into a new place eventually but this new lifestyle didn’t attract Rebeka much.

She was more inclined towards Nadia and Samuel who were from a middle-class background.

Later she gets involved with Samuel (real actor: Itzan Escamilla).

The role of Rebeka as a loyal and simple girl is appreciated not only by fans but critics too.

Claudia Salas – Net Worth

Claudia Salas is a successful celebrity and model with an estimated net worth of $500,000 as of 2021.

She sources her income through TV shows, endorsements, contracts for product placement or advertising campaigns.

At present Claudia’s main passion appears to be musical composition.

Rumors About Claudia Salas

Like other celebrities out there the Spanish actress Claudia Salas has rumors associated with her. Let’s have a look.

1.     Relationship

Salas is claimed to be in a relationship with Juan Ramon Molino. As a matter of fact both are very happy together.

The photos revealing vacations and dinners at home let people assume this. However, the actress hasn’t revealed any details about him to the public.

2.     Salas Is a Mother

There is a rumor that Salas is a mother. The claims are completely false. Salas doesn’t have any kids.

3.     Sexuality

Salas (as Rebeka) has been in a relationship with Cariddi in her Netflix series “Elite”.

They have shared the screen as a lesbian couple. This resulted in some people assuming that Salas is homosexual.

However, there is nothing real that supports this rumor.