Bridgerton is only watched by Middle Age Woman Without a Partner, But is That Really True?

We’ve all heard the chatter, right? “Bridgerton is a show for middle-aged, partner-less women.” It’s a popular sentiment that’s been circulating around the water cooler, in Facebook comments, and even in some snarky tweets. But is this perception rooted in reality? Is Bridgerton really just a one-note show, or is there a bigger, bolder picture we’re missing here?

Let’s break it down. For starters, yes, it’s true that a large chunk of Bridgerton’s fanbase is female. Nielsen data from after season 2 shows that a whopping 76% of the audience is women. But let’s not forget the other 24%. That’s right – almost a quarter of the Bridgerton viewership is men. So clearly, it’s not just women who are getting swept up in the romance, the drama, and the intrigue of the Regency era.

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Now, as for the middle-aged part, Nielsen’s numbers tell a different story. The viewership is actually pretty evenly split among different age groups. About a quarter of the audience falls into the 18-34 range, another quarter is in the 35-49 bracket, and a similar chunk is in the 50-64 age group. So, we’ve got everyone from fresh-out-of-college adults to people deep into retirement getting their fix of Lady Whistledown’s juicy gossip.

But you don’t have to take Nielsen’s word for it. Just poke around on the internet a bit, and you’ll see the truth for yourself.

Take Reddit, for example. Now, Reddit is pretty much the Wild West of the internet – you never know what you’re going to find. But one thing you will find is men talking about Bridgerton. Because Reddit is anonymous, guys who might be shy about professing their love for the show in “real life” have no problem doing so online.

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I’ve even seen it in my own life. I asked around, and here’s some of the responses I got: One friend of mine said, “My husband really enjoyed it. We were both off for work when it came out and we binged it while super cozy at home.” Another friend told me that her mom’s retired friend had watched the show all on his own and had then discussed it with his daughter on the phone. Yet another buddy said, “I mean… I made my partner and male friends watch it with me… does that count?”

So, it’s clear that Bridgerton has more universal appeal than people give it credit for. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely not confined to any one demographic. So next time you hear someone pigeonhole Bridgerton as a “middle-aged women’s show,” you can set them straight – this Regency drama is for anyone who loves a good story, period.