All Bridgerton Couples Ranked by Fans

The most adorable Bridgerton couples.

The world of Bridgerton, with its beautiful people, stunning costumes, and engrossing stories, has taken our screens by storm.

The eight Bridgerton siblings each have a love story to tell, some that make us laugh, some that make us cry, and all that leave us begging for more. T

he romantic connections and relationships in the series have evoked intense reactions from fans, and we’re here to highlight and rank some of the most loved couples.

Starting off at number 1, we have Hyacinth and Gareth

The charm of their relationship lies in its genuineness and wholesomeness. Initially, Gareth wanted to spite his ‘father’, but as they say, love works in mysterious ways. Gareth and Hyacinth started off as friends and their bond gradually transformed into something deeper.

Their story was the perfect embodiment of how love can bloom in the most unexpected of places. Gareth’s understanding of Hyacinth’s independent nature complemented her perfectly, and their tale was filled with a heartfelt sincerity that captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

Following closely in second place are Gregory and Lucinda

The relationship between these two characters took its time to develop, giving viewers a chance to truly appreciate the slow-burn romance. Although Gregory took his time realizing his feelings for Lucinda, and Lucinda did make a detour by marrying Haselby before annulment, the love they shared was pure.

It was not love at first sight, but love born out of constant interaction and realization, a truth that resonated with many fans. The journey they took to be together was a rollercoaster of emotions that left fans eagerly anticipating their onscreen story.

Coming in third are Colin and Penelope

This couple had a profound connection that was fascinating to watch as it unfolded. Penelope’s long-term unrequited love for Colin finally met its match when Colin saw her in a different light. Once Colin noticed Penelope for who she truly was, he didn’t hesitate to reciprocate her feelings. This slow-burning, heartfelt love story is something fans are dying to see unfold on screen.

Btw, their love story will be the main focus of the third season.

Francesca and Michael at number 4

The unique aspect of their story lies in their history and the complexities they navigate. Both characters knew each other for a long time and dealt with the emotional weight of Francesca’s first husband’s death.

Nevertheless, they discovered they could fall in love without tarnishing his memory, a notion that touched many fans’ hearts. Their journey from friendship to love was full of twists and turns, making their story a gripping watch for fans.

We have Benedict and Sophie at number 5

Fans had mixed feelings about their relationship. On one hand, Benedict’s proposal to Sophie to become his mistress due to her status as a maid didn’t sit well with many. However, his eventual realization that he loved Sophie, regardless of societal norms and opinions, struck a chord with fans.

Their relationship, with all its highs and lows, painted a vivid picture of a couple who had a connection unlike any other. Despite the initial turmoil, their story has been described as a heart-warming Cinderella tale.

Following next, Eloise and Phillip come in at number 6

Their relationship was initially met with ambivalence by fans. However, after a while and a few rereads for some, fans warmed up to their story.

Despite the difficult circumstances surrounding their relationship, they found a way to connect deeply and emerge as a strong couple. Their journey to overcome tragedy to be together is lauded by fans who appreciate the resilience of their bond.

Next, at number 7 are Anthony and Kate

This couple’s love story was filled with complications and emotional turmoil. The fact that they were both afraid of hurting Edwina, who was involved in their story, added an extra layer of complexity to their relationship.

Anthony’s fear of repeating his father’s fate, as well as Kate’s worry about her feelings causing harm to her sister, held them back for a while. Yet, their love for each other was palpable and won them a place in fans’ hearts, despite the obstacles they faced.

Lastly, coming in at number 8, are Daphne and Simon

Their relationship is ranked lower on the list due to the many challenges and controversies they faced. Simon’s denial of his feelings for Daphne and Daphne’s decision to take matters into her own hands regarding children, upset many fans.

Despite these issues, their relationship eventually found its way and they managed to come together. Fans have expressed mixed feelings about their journey, but the end of their tumultuous ride was greeted with a collective sigh of relief.