Binturi Meaning In The ‘Raya And The Last Dragon’ (Explained)

If you are a fan of animated movies, then probably you have watched Disney’s 2021 animated feature film; Raya and the Last Dragon, then you must have heard strange words like “Dep La” and “Binturi”. “Dep La” translates to strangely beautiful in Vietnamese or rather best friend in the context of the movie.

raya and the last dragon

However, have you ever wondered what ‘Binturi’ actually means?

What Does Binturi mean?

There is little information on what ‘binturi’ actually means. However, it could have a slang meaning in another language.

According to our sources, Binturi in Raya and the Last Dragon is used as an insult given how it is used in various lines in the film. For example: “Binturi? 

That’s not a very nice way to describe an old friend” and “She is the backstabbing binturi that broke the world.”

Other sources claim that binturi means a traitor, a liar, or a thief.

Given how hard it is to come up with the meanings of words used in Raya and the Last dragon, most sources claim the creators actually came up with their own language.

This is not hard to believe either, and the most credible source for the meaning of these words is the creators themselves, perhaps.

Binturi also has other meanings in Indonesian and Malaysian.

Binturi Meaning In Indonesia And Malaysia

Venturi is both the name of a delicious Malaysian beer and an Indonesian word that means “to have fun”.

This delicious beverage has been around for over 30 years now and can be found all across Asia, along with being used by Indonesians to show their enthusiasm about something!

Interestingly, Bintur’s slogan translates into English as “the party animal” – perfect if you are looking for a fun time!

Venturi is a Malaysian beer that was first brewed in 1985. Locals who imbibe the drink maintain that it is very delicious.

Furthermore, it is mostly used in traditional ceremonies, marking their heritage. However, it is used only in fun times.

They never take the brew during trouble.


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