Megan Fox’s Thumbs are Different and Here is Why

Megan Fox, a beautiful and successful American actress, receives a lot of attention from the media. Not only is she stunning, but also successful in her acting career.

She is the star in the famous Transformer film and featured in other films such as How To Lose Friends and Alienate People, New Girl, This is 40, and other shows. 

However, Megan Fox receives tonnes of attention not only for her stunning looks and successful career but also for her thumbs. Yes, you read that right.

Megan Fox has unusually short and stubby thumbs that have attracted the attention of many. Her thumbs look like toes. 

Who would have thought that people would take so much interest in a person’s thumbs?


Megan Fox Addressing The Transgender Rumors About Herself

In her interview with Jay Leno, Meghan described her thumbs as weird and really fat.

She has been a victim of cyberbullying, with people calling her thumbs ugly.

While internet users are obsessing about Megan’s subtle imperfection, she doesn’t really pay attention to it.

She acknowledges that she is not excited about her thumb-like toes, but she is not ashamed of them. 

Why Does Megan Fox Have Toes for Thumbs?

Megan Fox was born with a condition known as brachydactyly. The layman’s term for this condition is ‘short fingers.’ This condition is inherited and therefore, members of Meghan’s family are likely to have it too.

The genetic disorder manifests itself as shortened fingers or toes. There are various types of brachydactyly. Megan Fox has type D, which means that only her thumbs are stubbier and flatter like toes. The rest of her fingers and perfectly normal. 

Do toe thumbs pose any health risks?

This condition does not pose any risks or functionality issues. There is no need for treatment or cosmetic surgery to rectify her thumbs.

Treatment is only necessary in acute cases, but in Megan’s case, it’s only mild. 

The only drawback Megan fox seems to suffer is the constant attention and trolls from the media. 

How does Megan Fox feel about her toe-thumbs?

Fox couldn’t be less bothered about her fat thumbs. 

She has discussed her low self-esteem, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insecurities, self-harm, and angst relationship with social media.

Megan has expressed her general dislike for men, even though she has been engaged and married to men before. She has opened up about being a victim of patriarchy and misogyny. But none of this has any direct relation with the toe thumb. 

Final Thoughts

Megan Fox has thumbs that closely resemble a big toe. This is due to a unique condition. It is not a matter of concern because it does not pose any risks.

It is just a subtle and harmless malformation that causes the bones to be relatively shorter. Brachydactyly is not unique to Megan Fox.

There are other people who have thumb-like toes, also called club thumbs or fat thumbs. This trait is more common than it is perceived. 4 % of the population is estimated to have this genetic disorder.