Who Is Zoe Francois’ Husband Graham Francois?

Having a wife who’s an A-list chef is probably a dream come true for a huge percentage of guys around the world. 

Well, Graham Francois actually made that dream come true when he married Zoe Francois, a popular pastry chef and published author. 

Zoe is a pastry chef who also specializes in sweets, and she is currently one of the best known names in this culinary practice in the industry. 

While her dating history before Graham isn’t that known, there are some details about her marital life online and a few interviews where she talks about her husband. 

So, aside from eating world-class pastries and sweets, what else does Graham Francois do?  

Who is Graham Francois?

Graham Francois is an American architect and webmaster amongst everything else. Zoe’s husband was born in the United States on December 1, 1960.

Considering that Graham is not a celebrity like his wife, the lack of information about his early days is somehow expected.

One piece of information that is available is that he graduated from the University of Vermont back in 1983 earning a degree in business administration.

Other sources reveal that he sat in the position of an architect/lead developer and webmaster at the Room and Board Company.

Throughout his life, Graham switched multiple jobs and before he worked for Room and Board, he landed various jobs over the course of 8 years as a freelance art director and designer.

Graham currently holds the position of a senior principal at Slalom in addition to being an AWS-certified Cloud Practitioner.

Although his exact net worth is sadly unknown, we can assume that he earned a pretty decent amount of money throughout the course of his successful career thus far.

Graham doesn’t have much of a social media presence, while his wife Zoe is quite active on Instagram with over 400k followers.

Zoe Francois and Graham Francois’s Relationship

These two love birds met way back in the late 80s most likely, considering that they exchanged vows in 1991 at a beautiful ceremony held at Lake Champlain.

The lovely couple has been together for over 32 years now and by the looks of it, their relationship is as solid as ever.  

The couple reportedly met in Vermont, probably around some time from 1988 to 1990, where they both lived at the time.

“The first time we met was just like any other day, but the connection we felt at that moment was just undescribable. Something very close to love at the first sight,” Zoe said in an interview.

It probably was love at first sight considering that Zoe and Graham stayed together in a loving relationship for such a long time.

Over the years their family got richer with two new members as they welcomed their two sons sometime in the early 2000s.

Both of their children, Henri and Charlie, are grown-up teenagers now, but sadly the exact date of their birth is unknown. 

The whole family currently resides in their family home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.