What Happened to Clinton Kelly?

When it first came on air, What Not to Wear was the “go.” Indeed, there were very few things as satisfying as seeing $5000 glow-ups and makeovers on the TLC show.

Additionally, the show’s hosts, Clinton Kelly and Stacy London chemistry, gave reality TV a fresh breath of air. They offered the best make-up tips, and ladies gobbled them up!

Therefore, it was quite surprising that the show came to an end after running for a decade.

What Not to Wear’s downfall came after drama between the co-hosts. There were rumors of hatred and bitter feelings towards each other. Furthermore, Clinton Kelly left the show, and many are wondering what happened to him.

Please keep reading to find out what happened to him!

Many fashion-challenged people got the help they needed on What Not to Wear. However, the show’s downfall came after drama between co-hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

At first, everyone thought that going solo was the best option for both hosts. After all, they have been together since 2003. And then, in 2012, it all changed when rumors began to surface about a feud between them!

But, what really happened during their time on What Not To Wear? As it turns out, nothing much at all!

You would think that two people who spent hours upon hours working side-by-side must have some tension along the way. But nothing major ever occurred – neither one contradicted each other or anything like that.

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Their Breakup

Their breakup was more of an amicable agreement.

According to Stacy London, she wanted to go back on her own and do some other things while Clinton Kelly got married and had kids.

So, he preferred to stay home with his family instead! And the best part about all this is that they remain very close friends even after going their separate ways.

However, there’s a lot that went unanswered. For instance, Stacy had complained that Clinton blocked her on Twitter back in 2017. Clinton also wrote about his relationship with Stacy in his memoir, a move that fuelled more speculation.

A little while later, Stacy took part in a pilot for another talk show with Katie Couric called The Dish.

The show did not get picked up, so she went back onto what seemed like an endless auditioning process. Eventually, Stacy landed a job hosting What Not To Wear alongside Clinton again!


This time around, though, their dynamic changed slightly because new producers wanted them to play more towards the camera than before.

As you can imagine, this caused tension between both as neither party knew how to act around the other anymore.

Luckily he did as they both started working together once more on TLC’s spin-off show What Not To Wear: Wedding Dress which is still airing today.

It has been rumored that Stacy will be returning to this show soon, so you never know if we could see them work together yet again in the future!

What Next for Stacy

Stacy ended up leaving after season five because she didn’t like how things were going on set.

She decided it was time to follow her passion for fashion again, but not before making sure that Clinton had another job lined up first!

What Happened to Clinton Kelly

Clinton Kelly is currently running a reality show called Self-Made Mansions on HGTV.

The show premiered on January 8th, 2021. He brings a lot of style and experience to this show, given his previous stints with What Not to Wear and The Chew.

After the show ended, Stacy and Clinton went their separate ways. When the show was airing, he would visit her in New York City on occasion.

But they decided that it might be best if they just stayed friends after it ended. They are still very close to this day and have appeared together on many TV shows since then!

As you can tell, there really isn’t any bad blood between these two. This means that the rumors being circulated about them are untrue.

However, when you think about it, there isn’t any reason for them not to still be friends today, so maybe the media blew out of proportion!