Who is Travis Van Winkle’s Wife? Is He Married?

After the third season of the popular American psychological thriller “You” premiered just last year, fans were exhilarated to see Travis Van Winkle as one of the new main cast members. 

But, there were also a lot of people who were unfamiliar with his work and started asking around about the famous actor. 

The main question was whether Travis was married!

Luckily for the female audience, Travis Van Winkle is not married and he never was. However, that’s pretty much we know about his love life. That, and the fact that he dated Jessica Kemejuk back in 2016.

The couple even made the relationship public on Instagram that year, but briefly after, all of their join photos were deleted. Therefore, we must assume that was the time when they ended their relationship.

Is Travis Van Winkle Married?

Travis Van Winkle is not married and never was. The popular actor just wasn’t fortunate enough to meet that special someone with whom he would spend the rest of his life.

Even though Travis Van Winkle is popular in the industry, he had only one previous romantic relationship that we know of.

Travis Van Winkle and Jessica Kemejuk 

Back in 2016, information started to circulate that Travis started dating a fellow actress, Jessica Kemejuk.

Jessica Kemejuk is a popular film actress and producer best known for her work on “Neighbour,” “Toy,” and “Saltwater.”

Unofficial reports are that these two former love birds started dating back in March 2016. Shortly after, the couple made their relationship Instagram-official by posting a picture of them together.

Sadly, all of those photos that the couple posted while together are now deleted.

We presume that the former love couple dated for about a year as one of the last photos they posted of them together dates around late 2017.

Both Travis and Jessica were overly private about their relationship when it comes to the media and they rarely disclosed any details in interviews.

All of the material regarding their relationship was lost when they removed information from their social media platforms. 

Some sources claim that Travis is still together with Jessica. But, considering that both of them deleted every photo of them together, it is highly unlikely that this piece of information is actually valid.

Travis Van Winkle’s Description of a Perfect Date

In 2012, we witnessed a rare Travis moment as the actor opened up about dating, describing what he deemed a perfect date.

The popular actor’s vision of a perfect date is a date that literally lasts a whole day. Travis would start his day by bringing his date to a brunch and then they would go to the beach to relax.

When the night comes, he likes to dress well and take his date to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a good meal.

One of the biggest red flags for Travis when it comes to dating is that he simply doesn’t play games and doesn’t like to be played with. He likes to keep it real being and make sure both parties are straightforward in what they want and are looking for in a partner.