Who is Tessa Thompson’s Husband? Is She Married in 2023? 

Tessa Thompson does not have a husband but is open regarding her sexuality since she confessed she was into both genders but not to be labeled as bisexual.

She is secretive when it comes to talking about her relationships, however, was rumored to be dating Janelle Monae, and according to one of her interviews, it seems the two have a connection. 

Is Tessa Thompson in a relationship?

As I said, she’s been linked to Janelle Monae but he termed the rumors tricky since they were private people navigating how to maintain their privacy while utilizing their influence and platforms. 

While many would love to see her confirm whether they are dating, the actress revealed she was not concerned with what people thought regarding their relationship.

She confessed that they loved each other and were close since they just got along well.

She stated that if people wanted to speculate on their relationship, she did not mind and considered it okay. 

Even though the actress has never openly spoken about her sexuality, she revealed her family was open-minded regarding her preferences. Thompson even revealed many people reached her to confess how her work had helped them reveal their sexuality to friends and family. 

Thompson revealed many people reached her to confess how her work had helped them reveal their sexuality to friends and family. She said she was attracted to both men and women, and if she brought either home, she was sure there would not be a discussion.

The actress does not seem to be in a relationship since she has never said so in her interviews and social media posts.

There is a chance she may be in a relationship but prefers to hide the person’s identity. 

Tessa Thompson’s Dating History

Many have been curious about her love life since she has also been linked to her costar and his rumored fiance. 

Taika Waititi

Sometime in May 2021, the actress was spotted getting cozy with her Thor costar Taika Waititi and musician Rita Ora on a hotel balcony in Sydney.

This resulted in rumors that the three had something going on.

Social media was filled with rumors, but Waititi and Ora got engaged in 2022, and this helped squash the allegations they were more than friends.

Also, neither of the mentioned parties nor their representatives talked about the rumors. 

Zac Stenmark

Another person who was recently linked with the actress was Australian model Zac Stenmark.

In May, the two were kissing each other as they held hands. Tessa knows how to cause a stir with her actions. 

Janelle Monae

Rumors about Janelle Monae started in 2015 when she appeared as a backup dancer in the singer’s Yoga video.

She was again linked to Dev Hynes in 2015 since they were always seen together, and many felt they were in a relationship. 

The last time Monae and Thompson were seen together was in 2019.

They stopped attending formal events together and stopped posting each other on social media, and many wondered whether they had separated.

Rumors were circulated on social media that they were no longer together and had broken up at the beginning of 2019.

People do not know what to make of the whole situation since they never revealed they were in a relationship though they always seemed happy in the company of one another.

We hope they will give fans a clue about their relationship.