Meet Winona Ryder’s Boyfriend Scott Mackinlay Hahn

Talk of a risk-taker, a sharp and intelligent businessman who likes to keep a lower profile – that’s Scott Mackinlay for you. Based in New York City, Scott Mackinlay Hahn is the cofounder of both ROGAN and Loomstate Sustainable apparel brands in the American fashion design industry. 

Hahn is a popular American fashion designer and the boyfriend of the famous Netflix movie star Winona Ryder. Surprisingly, Hahn has no social media presence – the Little Facts has only found out of a fan account to his name with 493 followers on Instagram (@scottyboiforever).

Who is Scott Mackinlay Hahn?

Scott Mackinlay was born in October 1980 in New York City. He holds American nationality but has a Jewish ethnic background. 

Scott grew up in New York City (Long Island) with his parents, who own Sailors Haven Marina in Sunken Forest.  With passion and determination to become a great fashion designer in the future, he planned his future by knocking on the right doors.

He attended the New York School of Design. Hahn’s childhood and young life have been a secret in the public domain due to his low-key lifestyle. Scott has never revealed any information to the public about his parents, siblings, or previous relationships. His exact birthdate is also a misery as he prefers to keep everything behind the curtain.

Fashion Lifestyle

Scott Mackinlay took a leap of faith into fashion design without prior experience.  He only had a little knowledge from class but had never practiced professional fashion design. However, celebrities seemed to have a liking to the young designer’s styles. In 2001, he started Rogan’s clothing brand, where he worked with Rogan Gregory. After a few years of dedication and hard work, the two decided to start a new and environmentally friendly brand after realizing that making Rogan clothes consumed a lot of water.

Scott Mackinlay’s partnership with Gregory saw the establishment of the Loomstate Sustainable apparel bond in 2004. Within a short time, the duo hit their target with Loomstate, managing to produce 100% organic cotton clothes. The duo shares similar business principles that have since helped their fashion label outlet gain various American recognitions. 

Hahn is also the chairman of the Sustainability Steering Committee for the Council of Fashion Designer of America (CFDA) — thanks to his brand’s sustainable goal of using organic cotton to make apparel. 

Scott Mackinlay’s Networth

As a prominent and successful businessman in the American fashion design industry, you would expect that Scott Mackinlay’s net worth is something close to tens of millions or above that figure. However, it’s pretty unfortunate that this information is not yet available in the public domain. 

The Little Facts would have loved to establish Hahn’s financial information. But, you can only keep guessing and imagining that as a top fashion designer of his ranks, Scott Mackinlay should be doing great financially. 

Romantic Life

On several occasions, Mr. Hahn has been spotted with the famous Netflix American actress and movie star Winona Ryder. Although Ryder is known to have been in previous failed relationships, she now seems happy with the not-so-popular Scott Mackinlay.  

These two lovebirds met in 2011 and have since been dating for almost a decade. Nobody knows whether they will be exchanging vows any sooner– the 

The Bottom Line

The Little Facts has established that Scott Mackinlay Hahn prefers a  private life, with minimal details about his personal and professional life only available in the public domain. Besides, the design aspect of Hahn.