Who is Rhona Mitra’s Husband? Is She Married?

For almost 30 years now, Rhona Mitra provided us with undeniable entertainment, both in TV series and movies.

She is known as a versatile actor who can easily fit into almost every role. Now, when the popular actress is closing into her fifties, everybody’s attention shifted from her career to wanting to know more about her love life.

As of 2023, Rhona Mitra remains presumably single, and she never got married or engaged in her life. On the other hand, she was in a couple of relationships with some famous names from the industry.

Nevertheless, her last known relationship was almost two decades ago!

Is Rhona Mitra Married?

For all of you that have a crush on Rhona Mitra, I can cheer you all up by saying that the beautiful actress is indeed single in 2023.

Throughout her life, Rhona Mitra never got married or even engaged, even though she is so stunning and beautiful.

She was though, in a couple of high-profile relationships over the years with Matt Damon, John Mayer, and Carl Hagmier.

But all of these relationships happened way back in the early and mid-2000s. Since then, it seems that Rhona Mitra had her fill of superficial relationships and remained single for all this time.

Even to me, this sounds ridiculous, that a person can manage to be single for almost 20 years. I mean what’s the joy in that? Either way, the available information suggests just that.

Rhona Mitra Relationship History

Below you can find a couple of gentlemen that were in a romantic relationship with the “Doomsday” star, Rhona Mitra.

Matt Damon

Rhona Mitra and the popular “Bourne Identity” star, Matt Damon, had a brief but memorable relationship back in 2003.

Even though they seemed like an awesome couple, they managed to stay together just for a couple of months before officially breaking up. Today, Matt is married to Luciana Barroso.

I mean, their relationship wasn’t even that official, but the breakup always is!

You all probably know who Matt Damon is, but for some of you who don’t know or would like to hear something new about him, I dedicated a few sentences to that.

Matt Damon – a name synonymous with style, charm, and a knack for choosing just the right roles to showcase his impressive range.

From the rugged and mysterious Jason Bourne to the touching, vulnerable Will Hunting, this A-lister has won the hearts of audiences worldwide.

When the popular actor is not saving the world on the big screen, he’s making a difference off of it as the co-founder of Water.org, proving that this guy is not only talented but also has a heart of gold!

Side note, Matt Damon looks like a twin brother of Jesse Plemons.

Carl Hagmier

Most of you probably don’t even know who Carl Hagmier is, because he is far from a celebrity, but either way, he was a part of Rhona’s life at one point.

Soon after Rhona and Matt Damon went their separate ways, the popular actress started seeing the current CEO at Nett Solutions, Inc.

This relationship also occurred in 2003, and believe it or not, it lasted for about the same time as her relationship with Matt Damon.

Something clearly wasn’t as it should be! Was the problem in Rhona or her then-boyfriends, I guess we will never know.

John Mayer

Back in 2005, rumors started to circulate that Rhona Mitra and the famous singer and guitarist, John Mayer started a romantic relationship.

Sadly, neither of them actually confirmed or denied this, but everybody around them was almost certain that these two were a pair.

As the exact information, if they actually dated or not is sadly unavailable, we also can’t say why or how they broke up, presuming that they were a tandem at one point.

Btw for some of you that don’t know who John Mayer is, he is best described as a triple threat of guitar-slinging, soul-stirring vocals, and a personality as big as the state of Texas (where he was born).

With a discography full of chart-topping tracks and Grammy Awards, this bluesy-pop rocker has captured the hearts of fans across the world.

Whether he’s strumming his signature blues licks on stage, cracking jokes on social media, or romancing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, John Mayer is the epitome of a modern-day Renaissance man. With talent and charisma to spare, this guy is the real deal!

Final Words

There you have it people, Rhona Mitra is not married in 2023, but hey, her whole life is ahead of her. If you ask me, it is never too late to do anything you set your mind on!