Who is Luke Evans’ Current Partner?

Good-looking talented men with a British accent are getting all the ladies in Hollywood nowadays… or, in this case, all the men.

Luke almost always plays a badass scary dude, but in reality underneath all that, Luke is just a sweet guy.

Is Luke Evans Currently in a Relationship?

The “Dracula Untold” star battled with his sexuality for quite some time before coming out as gay in 2002. Since then, he’s been in several high-profile relationships, the last one being with Rafa Olarra.

But sometime in 2020, these two decided it was time to part ways as they unfollowed each other on Instagram and officially break up.

Since then, he remained single with some talks about a possible new secret boyfriend, Spanish graphics designer Fran Tomas. This is only a rumor there is no official information about these two dating.

Luke Evans and Rafa Olarra

Rafa Olarra was Luke’s most recent love relationship. He and the good-looking art director started seeing each other back in 2019 and since then they had plenty of good times.

They were very active on their social media pages posting almost everything. Sadly, the exact info on how and when they met is unknown.

They spent most of their time together in Florida during quarantine. After the quarantine, they appeared on the red carpet for the first time together at the European premiere of “Frozen 2.”

After the hiatus about the Coronavirus eased a bit, they took the opportunity to travel. Luke and Rafa were spotted in Spain and England during the summer of that year, appearing to have a splendid time according to their social media pages.

At one point, the relationship got so serious that they even discussed about potentially starting a family together.

Luke said that he always wanted a child and that his time was running out as he didn’t want to be an old dad.

But when something is just not meant to be you simply can’t fight it. Everybody loved Luke and Rafa and they all thought that they seemed very well together, but when news about them breaking up hit the canvas everyone was in shock.

They managed to stay together for 18 full months before the news surfaced about the breakup. Not long after, Luke confirmed these rumors for “The Times” stating that they have already parted ways.

Soon after, they both deleted their joint photos on Instagram and other social media pages and eventually even unfollowed one another.

The real reason that caused their breakup is unknown. But, considering that they unfollowed each other on Instagram, maybe the terms were not so pleasant after all.