Who is Laura Coates Husband? Is She Married?

Laura Coates is a media personality who works as an attorney and a legal analyst on CNN. While she is quite a public figure her private life is a mystery.

Is Laura Coates Married?

Yes, Laura is married and has two children. What’s the name of her husband? Well, that’s a million-dollar question. Names in circulation are Dale Gordon and Charlotte Gordon but the truth is that nobody knows.

She has also never posted any pictures of her spouse, with whom she has two kids, which may be attributed to her need to maintain a low profile regarding her personal life. 

During the last episode of Bill Maher’s 20th season of Real Time, many felt that the media personality had changed since Coates seemed pregnant with her third child. 

She never talked about it at the time or who the father was. 

Her secretive nature regarding her relationship status has only elicited more curiosity in her personal life. 

It was reported that Laura Coates secretly tied the knot with her husband, but the said husband is unknown to the public. 

They supposedly married in 2014, and their ceremony was a private affair. 

Rumors also state that the two may have separated since his pictures were removed from her Instagram page, indicating they are no longer together but she mentions him quite often if her social media profiles and even in her official bio on her website.

In 2020, she revealed her husband asked her who Sussudio was. 

She joked that since he seemed to not know about the 80s, she would have to make a presentation to explain it to him. 

She asked her fans for suggestions on what she could add to the presentation. 

In another Instagram post, she revealed that on her honeymoon, another couple on the train gave her and her husband a bottle of wine to celebrate. 

Even though the older couple could not speak English since they were Italians, according to her, it seems they understood the language of love. 

In 2021, she mentioned her husband once again on Twitter saying: “You know when my husband bought a dash camera a few years ago, I thought he was crazy to think he needed another gadget. My man took my hand & told me that it was for me: So that I would know what happened to him if he were ever pulled over.”

Even though the celebrity has a tight work schedule and spends so much time on television, she understands the need to manage her busy schedule to take care of her children. 

Laura Coates has never mentioned her spouse since then. 

Some reports reveal that Coates was never married, and the information was false but I can’t imagine that the person of her profile would lie about such a thing.

His identity is still a secret since the analyst has never mentioned him by name or shown pictures of them together but we can say that as of 2022, Coates is still married.

The only certain information we have regarding Laura Coates’s personal life is that she has two kids, and she usually posts pictures of them on social media. 

Even though she has never said they are her children, they resemble her. 

Various reports reveal that her daughter is named Sydney, but her son’s name is unknown.

She also revealed that she enjoyed being a mother and caring for her children. 

Many are waiting to confirm whether she is pregnant since she is good at keeping secrets. Her daughter’s statement once saddened the legal analyst. 

The media personality revealed that Sydney had issues with her appearance.

She talked about her child’s situation in 2018 on SiriusXM’s Urban View talk show. 

The lawyer revealed she was devastated that her daughter confessed that she did not like her appearance.

This broke her heart, and she asked for suggestions on how to deal with the issue.

She admitted she felt awful when dropping her at school in the morning since she felt like she was losing her mind. 

This showed that she was a wonderful mother who always ensured her children got the best of what she had to offer and always felt good about themselves.