Who is Joy Taylor’s Husband? Is She Married?

Joy Taylor was once married to former baseball star Richard Giannotti.

We do not know if she dated anyone else before, but after the two divorced, she started a relationship with NBS star Earl Watson.

Watson proposed to Taylor in 2019, but they never tied the knot.

Besides her successful career, the television personality also has a fascinating romantic history.

She comes from a sports dynasty with a Pro Football Hall of Famer. Taylor has also been involved with athletes.

Little was known about the television personality’s love life until her relationship with Richard Giannotti was made public. 

Due to her fame, many were curious to know more about him, and it was discovered he was a former baseball player who played for Los Angeles Angels.

When they were married, he worked as a sports analyst and financial advisor. 

According to reliable sources, the baseball star went to St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

He later attended the University of Miami, where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

He played for the university team and became a professional when he joined the Anaheim Angels in 2004.

His career as a professional athlete went on for nine years before he switched to a financial advisor.

He proceeded to start an asset management company in Florida. 

Details of how the two started dating are unclear, but it was reported by various media outlets they started dating in 2014.

There are rumors that they met at a conference in 2014 and started talking. 

One thing led to another, and they started dating. 

Due to the scrutiny that comes with celebrity relationships, Richard and Joy chose to keep their romance a secret.

They managed this for some time, but it was only a short time before their relationship was publicized. 

This was in 2016 when their wedding pictures circulated.

Reports suggested the two married on the eve of Valentine’s Day in 2016, and the ceremony took place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Their marriage did not last long since they separated in 2017 after reports emerged they were no longer together. 

No One Knows Why They Divorced

No one knows why they ended their marriage, but there are allegations that it was something to do with the host’s career since she had to move to Los Angeles. 

Whatever the reason, it seems their reasons were mutual since there were no reports of fighting or tension between them. 

Earl Watson and Joy Taylor

After her marriage to Giannotti ended, Taylor started dating Earl Watson.

He is a former NBA player turned coach.

The two started dating in 2018, and just like Taylor, he was previously married, leading to a daughter named Amora Watson. 

Earl and Taylor announced they were engaged a few months after dating, and many congratulated them though there were allegations they may have known each other for longer.

This made many speculate that Earl may have been why Taylor and Richard divorced.

The lovebirds did not let any allegations stand in their way of preparing to start a life together.

In 2019, rumors emerged the two had bought a house together for $2.75 million in Encino, California.

A year after they were engaged, they announced they had called off their engagement and ended their relationship.

Many wanted to know why the two were calling it quits, but neither of them nor their representatives talked about it.

This made many speculate that she may have suffered from domestic violence, but it turned out it was a lie.

Even though she once said she suffered from domestic violence, this was before she started dating the NBA star. 

Since she ended her relationship with Earl, much has not been heard about her love life, and it is believed she is single and concentrating on her career. 

She may also be dating someone but has kept it a secret, like when she dated Richard.