Who is John Boyega’s Girlfriend?

John Adebayo Bamidele Adegboyega, also known as John Boyega, is a British producer and actor. His rise to prominence is attributed to his performance as Moses in the 2011 sci-fi comedy Attack the Block.

Is the actor dating anyone?

As of 2022, John is single though he has indicated that he wants to have a relationship with someone he could spend his whole life with. 

Boyega seems to be a hopeless romantic and wishes his love life to be like his parents.

He also stated he wanted children in the future. 

The superstar may be having difficulties finding his true love, but he is lucky to have many female friends. 

He stated that he preferred dating a Christian girl.

He once dated an unnamed woman in 2015, but she left him after realizing he was a big shot in the Star Wars movies.

While discussing his experience, he stated that many women prefer quiet relationships.

He revealed he was broke when it came to love.

He said that he was broke in love despite being financially stable with a thriving career and a Christian background. 

Letitia Wright

The actor has been friends with Black Panther actress Letitia Wright since their days before fame.

They studied together at London’s Identity School of Acting.

The actress is talented and attributes her fame to her performance as Shuri in the 2018 movie Black Panther. 

The two worked together in the film Small Axe.

They also attended the 2017 Met Gala party together.

Daisy Ridley

Boyega and his Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley were rumored to be in a relationship.

Many stated on social media that they would make a lovely couple if they decided to date.

Boyega replied that she was like his sister and was engaged.

He also said that he preferred brown women. 

Kelly Marie Tran

The actor was matched with his other Star Wars co-star Kelly Marie Tran.

In The Last Jedi, she acted as a pilot who rescued Finn from sacrificing himself while they were in battle.

Her last line was a favorite among fans since she said, “We’re going to win this war not by fighting what we hate, but saving what we love.”

In 2018, the actress deleted her social media account after numerous harassment. 

His Relationship Experience

Boyega does not shy away from talking about how fame changed his perception of dating.

Before he made his breakthrough in Celebrity Wars: The Pressure Awakens, he revealed he was in a happy relationship until his girlfriend at the time saw a billboard with his face in Times Square.

During a 2017 interview on Graham Norton Program, he revealed that he was advised to protect his partner before things became intense due to his fame.

He was good at hiding what he did since she did not know his profession until the day they drove through Times Square.

She asked what he did for a living, and he pointed to the billboard and said, “that.”

He confessed that this changed the relationship since it did not work out.

When asked what he looked for in a partner, the British-Nigerian superstar was honest and said he would prefer a beautiful Black woman.