Who is Eric Andre’s Girlfriend? Is He Married? Dating History Revealed

You probably know Eric Andre for his role in The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim. Since his career took off in 2003, he has never fallen short of entertaining his audience.

From the sketches, seamless shock humour, and celebrity interviews, Eric is a master of his art.

However, this talented actor isn’t only limited to humour. He is always goofing around in some shows and even takes up serious on-screen roles.

Eric’s talent is unmatched, and many might be wondering if he’s got a muse (romantic).

Well, we’ve got you covered. Find out all about Andre’s personal life in this piece!

Does Eric Andre Have a Wife?

No, Eric Andre is not married. Actually, but as of January 2023, he has a girlfriend. Guess who?

Emily Ratajkowski. Yes, you read it right. Now, I think I have a chance too… Joking aside.

Emily and Andre were spotted together on a date after she broke up with Pete Davidson.

The most interesting thing about his dating life is that Emily is not the only high-profile famous woman Andre dated. Let us look at his dating history.

Eric Andre Dating History

In a recent interview, Eric Andre revealed that he has sworn off dating any famous girls.

In fact, this is the very reason why we’re not aware of his romantic relationships!

However, there have been rumours about him being involved with various women – even those who are quite popular themselves.

Elisa Johnson

Eric Andre was first linked to Elisa Johnson, a singer-songwriter.

This romance apparently lasted for about two years before the couple split up in 2015. The reason behind their breakup is still unclear as neither of them spoke anything on that matter.

The rumours suggested that the actor might have changed his mind after he did a few episodes of the show.

However, this was later denied by Elisa herself in an interview when she stated that Eric Andre never had any idea about her music career and is not really into it either.

She also clarified that he stayed friends after their break up which happened naturally.

Chantel Jeffries

In early 2017, there were rumours that Eric Andre was dating model Chantel Jeffries.

The two had been spotted together on a few occasions and it seemed they were quite into each other.

However, this relationship also turned out to be short-lived as the couple parted ways soon after.

Interestingly, Chantel is also rumoured to be dating Justin Bieber.

Therefore, it can only be assumed that the actor might have felt some kind of insecurity about this relationship since he was not ready for a commitment yet.

Kate Gorney

Another woman who has been linked with Eric Andre is Kate Gorney.

The two were first seen together in public in early 2017 and it was speculated that they had been dating for a few months by then.

Interestingly, Kate has also worked with Chantel Jeffries before on a music video. This might just be a coincidence but still, it is an interesting fact to note.

So far, there hasn’t been any official confirmation of Kate being Andre’s girlfriend.

The two have just been spotted together a few times which is why we can only assume that they were getting to know each other better before making it public.

Eric Andre Dated Rosario Dawson

Yes, he dated Rosario and no it was not a prank.

Megan Anzelc

In an interview, Eric Andre stated that his dream woman was Megan Anzelc. He also revealed that he is actually a big fan of hers and can spend hours talking about her work with anyone who would listen to him!

Interestingly, the 35-year-old actress has not really spoken anything on this matter which makes it even more interesting.

Currently, there are no rumours or speculations about these two dating. It could mean that Andre is not actually dating Megan and it’s just his wishful thinking!

However, we might be able to find out more if he keeps talking about her in public because that would confirm whether or not they were really into each other.