What Is Kenya Duke’s Net Worth?

Hard work pays, they say. This pragmatic slogan applies in Kenya Duke’s case as she is a vibrant, hardworking and diverse businesswoman. But, what is the extent of her entrepreneurship? Let’s find out!

Kenya is the Chief Executive Officer of the Premier Sports and Corporate Travel Company that deals with travel plans. She also earns cheddar appearing in TV shows such as The Gary Owen Show and Aries Spears: Hollywood Look I’m Smiling. Kenya’s appearances in commercials and live events have also earned her royalties.

But, I bet the question ringing in your mind is: what is Kenya’s net worth? What does she earn from her businesses? Read on to find out more about Kenya, her personal life and net worth!

What is Kenya Duke’s net worth?

As Kenya does not disclose her personal information, her net worth is an estimated $8.5 million. This was her ranking in 2019.

It is evident that her position as CEO of a travelling management company has earned her a lot of money.

Her appearance in The Gary Owen also contributes to her growing wealth. Commercials and appearances in events also earn her handsome figures of money.

For any young lady looking for a role model, Kenya Duke is a perfect choice. She epitomizes unbound independence that is truly admirable in the eyes of anybody!

Early life

The entrepreneur leads a private and very secretive life. For this reason, Kenya’s early life, family or parents are mostly a mystery. But, lets focus on what we know.

Kenya Duke was born on 26th July 1974 in Ohio, USA. 

The African American businesswoman has never revealed any information about her education or parents. However, she did mention that she enjoyed a very close relationship with her father before he passed away. 

While she disclosed her mother’s name as Barbara Jean, she didn’t let another thing slip!

Is Kenya Duke married?

The successful businesswoman is married to Gary Owen. They first met at the Cubby store where Owen performed as a comedian.

Kenya and Gary’s second meet was at the same place, and it was a love at second sight affair. The couple’s relationship grew stronger by the day, and within no time, they took their vows in 2003.

In 2006, the couple renewed their vows for some reason. Since then, the couple has gone on to sire Austin Owen and Kennedy Owen. Emilio Owen, their third child, was born out of Kenya’s previous marriage.

Who is Gary Owen?

Gary Owen is an American actor, standup comedian and scriptwriter. You might recall him from comedy films such as Ride Along, Little Man and Daddy Day Care. If not, then you should catch him on The Gary Owen Show on BET.   

The comedian has earned several accolades from his career, including Funniest Black Comedian in San Diego, Funniest Serviceman in America and many others.

Are the rumors of Kenya’s divorce true?

After 18 years of marriage, there are rumors that Kenya and Gary are getting divorced. This came as a shock to many who were fans of the couple.

It is not entirely known whether these rumors are true or false. Since they began, neither Kenya nor Gary has come out to confirm the split. So, if you hear any buzz about a divorce, treat it as such- a rumor!