‘The Dark Knight Rises’: Tom Hardy Couldn’t Lift Christian Bale Off The Ground Without CGI’s Assistance

When the blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises premiered, DC comic fans flooded cinemas to witness the greatness!

For most fans, this was a usual Nolan masterpiece, and they knew what to expect.

Other fans were excited by the prospect of watching a Christian Bale versus Tom Hardy film! And they were right!

In the aftermath of The Dark Knight Rises, the internet went buzzing with fodder.

The question ringing in everyone’s mind was whether Tom Hardy lifted Christian Bale’s onset of the Dark Knight Rises. Given the discrepancy in their size, this was a hard sale for many fans.

But then again, did Hardy really lift Bale? Did the producers have to use a stunt double for this scene?

Christopher Nolan films have been lauded for their realism by fans across the world! And yes, Tom Hardy lifted Christian Bale for this film too…or did he?

Did Tom Hardy Really lift Christian Bale?

No, it was all CGI. He didn’t actually lift him in real life.

While Bale openly admitted that Hardy is “strong,” it is now clear that the Nemesis actor did not lift him.

The Nemesis actor did get his workout in, though. “I got him up alright for sure.” He makes it look easy!

Tom’s trainer Mark Twight revealed that he had some help from technology when filming this scene with Christian Bale.

Tom Hardy’s role in the Dark Knight Rises was one of his most memorable yet.

While Tom Hardy’s role in The Dark Knight Rises was very physical, Christian Bale’s character in The Machinist was even more so.

Batman v Superman is just another example of how amazing these actors are at transforming into their characters.

It sounds like they both had a lot of fun during production, even if Tom couldn’t lift Christian off the ground without CGI’s assistance! Still pretty impressive either way you slice it! What do you think? Did Tom really have the ability to lift Christian?

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