Is Eric Christian Olsen related to the Olsen Twins?

The name Olsen is commonplace for most movie fans out there. But just how many Olsens do you know?

This question is a puzzler for many, considering myriads of celebrity relationships in the industry.

Christian Olsen, on the one hand, is a household name in the entertainment industry. The Olsen twins, on the other hand, are renowned movie stars. But the real question is whether the two are related.

Is Eric Christian Olsen related to the Olsen Twins?

No, Christian is not related to the twins, and neither is his brother David Paul Olsen! While they share the same name, and that is all there is to it!

As you have seen, both were born to different parents. Furthermore, while Christian was born and grew up in Iowa, Mary Kate and Ashley were born in California. This means that there are no chances the two are related.

While Christian and the fraternal twins are not related, you must admit that both have made a name for themselves in entertainment. Both possess the talent, skills and propensity to keep your eyes glued to the screen!