Despite Hillary Duff’s Claims She Never Went To Harvard In Any Capacity

The internet has been buzzing about this since Hillary Duff released her new memoir, This Is All I’ll Ever Be.

It’s an autobiography that goes into detail about how she got to where she is today. But one line in the book seemed a little off, “I went to Harvard for college and studied psychology.”

This statement set off a firestorm of speculation because, at first glance, it seems like Hillary didn’t actually go to school at all!

At the age of 15, Hillary decided to drop out of high school and start homeschooling.

She would attend three different schools before dropping out for good at 16.

Her first attempt was in eighth grade when she attended a boarding school called Eaglebrook in western Massachusetts. At this point, her acting career had not taken off, but she was still interested in the entertainment industry.

She did not enjoy her time at Eaglebrook because of how strict it was and decided to go back home after one term.

The next school Hillary attended was an online high school called Sullivan. The school allowed students to work from home while being enrolled part-time.

But this didn’t seem like a good fit either, so she went on to study English literature for six months.

Hillary eventually graduated early at the age of 16 with an honors diploma, allowing her to attend college that same year.

Did Hillary Duff really go to Harvard?

As far as Harvard is concerned, no records show that Hillary ever attended or applied to the school!

Hillary Duff never went to Harvard in any capacity, either by name or through someone else on record like a parent. This would have been rather difficult for her. 

Even if you homeschool and want your high school diploma recognized, it must be done through accredited private schools. So the fact that Duff had not been enrolled for several years meant that it wasn’t likely her grade would be taken seriously.

However, there is some truth to Duff’s claims.

She did attend college at Harvard University, but her major was not psychology.

Hillary took classes in English literature. After a few classes related to psychology, she dropped out of school altogether after two years.

So basically, whether Hillary Duff went to Harvard University remains up for debate!

There’s plenty of evidence that she did not attend Harvard school. But whether or not this is simply an embellishment to make herself look like a more successful person remains debatable.

So there you have it, folks. It seems like Hillary didn’t actually go to school at all!

However, her educational background doesn’t define who she is as a person – anyone can be successful! You can easily attain your goals by surrounding yourself with people you admire and learn from their experiences. 

And while some might say that having more years under your belt gives one the upper hand over others, everyone has their definition of success!