What Instruments Does Bruno Mars Play?

The 11th time Grammy Winner Bruno Mars is the heartbeat of many people across the world. 

The all-around talented singer and musician became popular since the release of his music named Prince. Romantic Crooner, a doo-wop harmonizer, a rapper, a soul man, and vocals to die for! What else can you call this legend? 

He has unstoppable showmanship, cool swagger, and jittery energy while giving any performance. Apart from being the top musician and singer, he is known for playing several instruments. 

That’s why he’s called an all-rounder! 

Can Bruno Mars Play Instruments? 

You should be asking which instruments Bruno Mars cannot play! 

Born as Peter Gene Hernandez, Bruno Mars learned to play many instruments from a very early age. At the age of 4 years, he performed with the musical group of his family. 

Once Bruno Mars stated that he was never trained formally to play instruments. As he was from a musical family, so they were just around him all the time. 

Even Ed Sheeran spoke about the versatility of Bruno Mars as being such a talented writer that he can play every instrument in their collaboration song.  

During the live performances, he used to include three instruments in his live performance on the stage. Mars and his band are always together wherever they go for performance. They play a variety of instruments and also serve as backup singers and dancers. 

Bruno Mars knows how to play the following instruments:

  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Keyboard/Piano
  • Drums

The Song Grenade and Use of Musical Instruments

Bruno Mars Song, “Grenade,” is about how a girl betrays the boy and goes away with another man behind his back. But, he took the piano to her home, intending to bring her back. 

The song is popular not just for the captivating story, indulging music, and talented singer but also for the various instruments used. There is bass, keyboard, bongos, guitar, drums, and piano being played in this song. 

Bruno Mars is a house full of musical talent, but he always admits the things he is not good at. He recognized his weaknesses and strengths and stuck to them. Unlike most singers and musicians, he never crosses the territory where he is not experienced for commercial gain.    

Reasons Why Bruno Mars is a Most Versatile Performer

Why is Bruno Mars Unique? That’s because he does not prefer to stick to any one style or music genre. He believes in experimenting with several genres, including hip-hop, soul, r&b, reggae, and pop. 

Musical Career Breakthrough

Upon signing Motown Records, he moved to Los Angeles in the year 2003. But, that was a failed attempt, and he met Philip Lawrence, with whom he produced songs for popular artists such as Brandy, Adam Levine, and Flo Rida. 

It was a eureka moment for Bruno, and he decided to write songs for the artists. In 2010, he came out as the singer with the superhit song, “Nothin’ on you.” 

Bruno Mars won the Grammy award for “Just the way you are” as Best Male Pop Vocal Performance in 2011. In 2016, his “Uptown Funk” was a huge hit, and he received another Grammy Award.     

Now, he holds 11 Grammy Awards in his musical career.

Some Fun Facts To Reveal About Bruno Mars

Mars is not one of those serious singers who just come to work and leave; he is the most fun and entertaining person. 

  • “The Lazy Song” has about 400 million views on YouTube.
  • In addition to singing, he can play numerous instruments.
  • During his young age, he was the youngest Elvis impersonator.
  • Bruno Mars is of both Puerto Rico and Filipino descent
  • Among his singles, five of them directly got the place in Billboard Hot 100. 

Recent News about Bruno Mars

Though Bruno Mars hasn’t been heard from for quite some time, it’s a misconception that he will ever leave the music industry. 

Presently, Mars is arranging to produce a Disney Musical and working on his new album. So, it is worth waiting for the musical to feature in his songs.  

Final Thoughts

According to Forbes, Bruno Mars has earned more than $200 million while he was actively performing. Some artists accused Bruno of stealing their songs, and for others, he got asked to put their names in the record or give up the royalty. 

But that doesn’t stop or put a full stop in the career of Bruno Mars. Being a dedicated and versatile performer, he still rules the heart of many youngsters and even seniors worldwide. 

What inspiration should you take from him? He doesn’t stop singing and composing, but he utilized his love for playing various instruments and made his music even more magical. So, he worked to live up to his dreams in whatever situation he faced.