What Happened To Soulja Boy?

When Soulja Boy openly revealed that he was transitioning, social media went up in a stir. The rapper had been largely absent from Twitter and Instagram, except for occasional posts showing off his drip.

The now 31-year-old also removed all his face tattoos, and this got tongues wagging. . But, the question is, why all the changes? Why the sudden change of heart?

What happened to Soulja Boy?

After his date with the court, Soulja Boy decided to live a low-profile life. At one point, he said, “I used to be Soulja Boy, now I am Soulja Man!” to mean that he was transitioning.

All the change in Soulja Boy’s traits is attributed to his visit to the county jail. Could it have changed him for the better? Could he be using all this “change” narrative to generate clout for a new project in the pipeline? We might never know.

Soulja Boy’s career peaked around 2011. He released his last album in 2014 and hasn’t had a hit since. His last single was Kiss Me Thru the Phone, upon which the rapper retired from music to focus on other ventures.

A date with the court!

The police arrested Soulja Boy for carrying a loaded firearm in public in December 2014. The rapper got 24 months probation, which he violated, and earned 240 days in jail.

His most recent arrest came on January 23rd, 2018, for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. The police couldn’t find any evidence to prove he didn’t hit or threaten her. Eventually, they arrested the rapper despite not having a search warrant.

Soulja denied the assault claims and reasoned that she acted up because they had broken up in 2017. He claimed that she has been harassing him since then, making allegations against him on social media and police reports.

Missing in Action

Soulja Boy did not show up on any of his social media accounts between January 15th – 22nd, 2018. Many fans worried that something was wrong or had happened to him.

In fact, this is what led some tabloids like TMZ Sports, The Shade Room, Global Grind News, & HipHop N More to run articles stating Something’s going on. They even asked police to investigate signs of foul play.

Some concerned fans even speculated that his incommunicado was due to kidnapping!

Death threats

Soulja Boy’s ex-girlfriend claimed that she received death threats from him. She took to Facebook and revealed disturbing images of the rapper’s house.

In the photos intended to show that something had happened to her, you could see blood spatters on furniture. Additionally, there were clothes all over the bedroom floor.

The police department did not comment on these photos. Ergo, it is not known whether Soulja Boy had anything to do with the incident. Despite being caught on CCTV removing things from the house, this did not meet the threshold for a bookable offense.