What Happened to Dj Paul’s Hand?

Dj Paul is an American DJ, rapper, and record producer from Memphis, Tennessee. He is well known as a founding member of the Three 6 Mafia hip hop group. 

The solo performer has become famous throughout the years in the industry — and you might likely, have noticed DJ Paul’s limb difference. Besides, those who have seen him on live stage performances can easily confirm this. But, what happened to the rapper’s limb?

Was he involved in an accident, or was he born that way? Read on to see what The LittleFacts has found out about DJ Paul’s background and arm condition.


Paul Duane Beauregard, aka DJ Paul, was born on January 12, 1977. He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and is the half-brother of the late rapper Lord Infamous. 

Paul took to his musical career in the late 1980s as a DJ, where he would later release various solo tapes and three collaboration albums with his brother, Lord Infamous. 

The rapper first met up with Juicy J when they both played in the Memphis area. DJ Paul’s partnership with Juicy J saw them found the Three 6 Mafia hip-pop group, alongside the late Lord Infamous. 

Memphis Star

Memphis has never seen better than this. In the late ‘90s, Three 6 Mafia rose to top national ranks as a renowned rap empire. They would later win an Academy Award, after which Paul and Juicy J started to produce their tracks. They also chose to invite other Memphis rappers to use their beats. 

DJ Paul’s Right Arm

DJ Paul is a high-profile stage performer, and his fans can’t stop wondering what happened to his right arm. But, Paul was born with this condition. He was not involved in an accident as some might have thought. 

The rapper often refers to his right hand as his “baby arm.” He is yet to explain the difference between his arms publicly, though. 

Birth Condition

The rapper’s deformed arm is a result of a condition known as Erb’s Palsy. Orthopedic surgeons have explained that Erb’s Palsy is mostly associated with a difficult delivery, where an infant’s neck gets stretched to the side. 

While the affected arm is conspicuously smaller than the other arm in some children, it will continue to grow but slower. Moreover, an estimate of one or two out of 1000 babies are said to have this congenital condition.

Medical experts reveal that the size difference between the arms becomes noticeable as one grows older. 

There you have it — the birth condition behind DJ Paul covering his right arm in a cast while on stage. 

DJ Paul Spins with One Hand? How?

However, this condition does not stop the rapper from impressing his fans on the decks. DJ paul still takes great interest in spinning the decks despite having one strong arm. What’s his secret? 

That’s something we would all love to know. But, provided the rapper’s musical work is loved and has won Three 6 Mafia several awards (including an Oscar in 2006), what else can we ask of him? 

You can as well check out DJ Paul’s profile on his socials. The one half of Three 6 Mafia currently has 405k followers on Instagram (@djpaulkom), where he showcases some of his work to the public.