Ja Morant’s Hair is the Most Recognizable Hairstyle in the NBA

Ja Morant’s hair is his signature look. The popular Grizzly player has a very stylish and interesting hairstyle, which many folks try to copy these days.

Morant’s iconic haircut is called “free form dreadlocks”.

Let’s find out more about Ja’s dreads as well as how to achieve his hairstyle.

Ja Morant dreads

Morant’s hairstyle is commonly known as the “free form dreads”. This hairstyle is great for anyone who has and who wants Afro locks. As for the length of the hair, it shouldn’t be very long.

Ja Morant’s dreadlocks are very popular and draw a lot of attention because some of his dreads are colored in various colors.

However, during one game in the 2020 season, Ja was wearing a ponytail which honestly looked ridiculous on him.

It caused his fans to make a lot of jokes.

Ja even spoke about this hairstyle, admitting he had to put his hair up because he had lost a couple of bobby pins in the middle of the game!

How to make this hairstyle?

Morant’s dreadlocks are different from Lil Wayne’s because Ja colored his sections in the front, making the hairstyle very stylish and personalized.

Dreads are a great hairstyling option for people with Afro curls.

The dreads are made by using a special big needle to put hair into knots or really tiny braids.

It’s important to note that the hair should be completely dry before the dreading process.

If the hair is wet even a little, when the hair is put into tight knots, the mold easily develops and the hair needs to be cut off.

The process of making dreadlocks starts from the roots of the hair to the bottom.

Dreads are a pretty difficult technical skill to master in the hairstyling world.

Even when the hair is short, it takes a lot of time to create loops and tighten the hair into the dreadlocks.

As for the maintenance of this interesting hairstyle, the person should add hair into their dreads every couple of months, since the hair grows out from the roots continually.