The Worst Guests On ‘Below Deck’

Worst Guests

Every charter brings a new group of guests, each with their own unique quirks, expectations, and temperaments. Some guests are a delight, while others… not so much.

Timothy Sykes (Season 2)

Sykes’ behavior during his charter was marked by a series of high-demand requests and last-minute changes that sent the crew scrambling.

Krystal Murphy (Season 6)

A wealthy socialite from San Francisco, Krystal came aboard with a group of friends to celebrate her birthday, and the ensuing drama was nothing short of a spectacle.

Vito Glazers (Season 3)

During his time on the yacht, Glazers’ behavior was marked by an air of superiority and a tendency to overstep boundaries with the crew.

Johnny Damon (Season 7)

Damon and his group quickly gained a reputation for their rowdy behavior and relentless partying, which kept the crew on their toes throughout the charter.

Steve Bradley (Seasons 1 & 6)

Steve first appeared in Season 1 and returned for another charter in Season 6, solidifying his place in ‘Below Deck’ history with his eccentric behavior and love for foam parties.