Who is Tyra Banks’s Husband? Is She Married?

Tyra Banks is a multitalented woman who seems to have it all. Well, except a husband.

After a successful modeling career, Tyra wanted to try something more so she became an American Television personality, producer, writer, and even an actress.

Eve thought Tyra is not married, she does have a child, a son, with the Norwegian photographer Erik Asla.

The couple welcomed their child via biological surrogacy back in 2016 and even though they are not together, they still co-parent their child.

Furthermore, she is currently in a committed relationship with Louis Belanger-Martin, so there’s a chance for a wedding ring to emerge in the following years. 

Is Tyra Banks Married?

Tyra Banks is NOT married, but she is in a relationship right now!

The popular TV show host is currently dating a Canadian businesses man, Louis Belanger-Martin. The lovely couple started dating in 2018 and engagement rumors even surfaced in 2020.

But sadly it was only rumors and nothing more as Tyra took the liberty and addressed the matter in an interview with Tamron Hall.

“I won’t say that the paparazzi are always wrong, but believe me, most of the time they are just bored, so they say stuff they know nothing about,” Tyra said.

The rumors started to circulate back in 2020 when Tyra was spotted rocking a huge diamond ring.

She later revealed that the stone ring is not an actual diamond or opal, it was just a crab-shaped casual ring.

Who is Louis Belanger-Martin?

Louis and Tyra started dating in 2018 and in a way they are a perfect match, mostly because they both have overwhelming and busy schedules.

Belanger-Martin is a successful Canadian businessman who held some important positions in various companies.

At first, Louis was appointed as President and CEO of Advanced Inflight Alliance AG. This company provides clients with top-notch quality in flight-entertainment.

Louis has done some pretty amazing things in his life, such as founding the DTI Software and private quite GROUPE W. Talk.

While together, Tyra and Louise attended Harvard Business school where they finished various courses.

Tyra and Martin have one more inseparable thing in common and that is children. Just like Tyra, Louis also has a child with his previous partner, his ex-wife Valerie Marin Square.

Tyra Banks and Erik Asla

Tyra and Erik Asla were together for almost five years, from 2013 to 2017. Their relationship was so serious that they even talked about having children together.

After multiple failed attempts to get pregnant, Tyra and Erik took to surrogacy to make their dream come true.

“The older you get the harder it gets, remember that. That period was the most stressful in my life. Thank god it all worked out in the end,” Tyra said in an interview.

In 2016, via gestational surrogate, the couple welcomed their son, York, into this world.

It was a shock when the pair announced their split back in 2017. The exact reason behind the breakup is sadly unknown, but we do know that it was completely drama-free.

The pair decided to part ways as a romantic couple, but they remained friends and they co-parent their child ever since.