9 Most Tragic Moments Meredith Grey Faced

Every Miserable Thing That’s Happened to Meredith Grey (Ranked!).

“Grey’s Anatomy,” the long-running, critically acclaimed medical drama, has never shied away from delivering gut-wrenching, heart-pounding storylines. At the heart of the narrative whirlwind is the show’s protagonist, Meredith Grey, portrayed by the talented Ellen Pompeo. Meredith, with her stark resilience and indomitable spirit, has become a beacon of strength, enduring an almost absurd amount of tragedies, even by television standards.

The writers, with a flair for emotionally charged drama, have consistently placed Meredith in the eye of the storm, crafting her narrative with a level of sympathy unmatched by any other character on the show. It’s as if they bend over backwards to place her at the epicenter of each cataclysmic event, ensuring the audience remains emotionally invested in her journey. This strategic positioning not only underlines Meredith’s importance in the storyline, but also makes her the thread that stitches together the raw, emotional fabric of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

From facing death in the most inconceivable ways to grappling with the loss of loved ones, Meredith has navigated an extraordinary labyrinth of tragedies. These pivotal moments, though heartbreaking, have been integral to her character development and the overarching narrative, painting a picture of a woman who is just as human as she is a hero. As we digg deeper into these trials and tribulations, one can’t help but marvel at Meredith Grey’s enduring spirit, her capacity for survival, and her unique ability to evoke the empathy of viewers worldwide.

Bomb in a Body Cavity (Season 2)

In one of the most intense and nerve-wracking storylines of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Season 2 found our protagonist, Meredith Grey, in a harrowing and surreal situation. A patient was brought into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital with what was, unbeknownst to the medical staff, a live bomb lodged in his body cavity.

Meredith, revealing her bravery and commitment to her duty, unwittingly found herself in the middle of this explosive situation. In a shocking turn of events, she ended up inserting her hand into the patient’s body cavity, effectively becoming a human shield between the bomb and the rest of the hospital. The stakes were dizzyingly high – a single mistake, a mere flinch, could have led to a catastrophic explosion, putting countless lives in danger.

What followed was an agonizingly tense wait as the bomb squad worked meticulously to defuse the situation. Meredith stood frozen, her hand inside the patient, her eyes wide with the realization of the gravity of the situation. Even amidst this chaos, Meredith demonstrated her exceptional calm and poise, further underlining her commitment to her profession and her unyielding courage.

The climax of this storyline was a heart-stopping moment – the bomb squad leader managed to remove the bomb safely, only for it to detonate seconds later, killing him instantly. Miraculously, Meredith survived, but the emotional trauma of the incident had a significant impact on her, showcasing her vulnerability amidst her courage.

Attack By Lou (Season 12)

Season 12 of “Grey’s Anatomy” presented one of the most physically and emotionally challenging incidents for Meredith Grey, marking a pivotal point in her journey. In a shocking and unexpected turn of events, Meredith was brutally attacked by a patient named Lou, who was suffering from a post-operative seizure.

Lou, disoriented and not in control of his actions, lashed out at Meredith in a devastating bout of violence. The ferocity of the attack left Meredith severely injured, with multiple physical traumas including a shattered jaw and temporary hearing loss. This incident was a stark departure from the usual medical emergencies Meredith usually faced, as this time, she was the patient, reliant on her colleagues to save her.

The aftermath of the attack was a profound exploration of Meredith’s resilience and determination. Unable to speak due to her injuries, Meredith had to communicate using non-verbal means, further highlighting her strength in the face of adversity. This storyline also brought to light the unexpected risks medical professionals may encounter, reinforcing the notion that their commitment goes beyond just medical challenges.

Near Drowning (Season 3)

This was during the infamous ferry boat accident, where Meredith, caught in the chaos and confusion, accidentally fell into the frigid water and nearly drowned.

Submerged for an unsettlingly long time, Meredith was technically dead before her colleagues, in a desperate race against time, managed to resuscitate her. This near-death experience led to one of the show’s most surreal and emotionally charged sequences. As Meredith was suspended between life and death, she entered a dream-like afterlife where she met and interacted with deceased characters from the show.

These ethereal sequences were powerful, as they not only allowed Meredith (and the viewers) to confront her own mortality, but also to grapple with her unresolved feelings towards her mother and her life choices. This incident added a profound depth to Meredith’s character, revealing her vulnerabilities, her fears, and her undying determination to survive.

Hospital Shooting (Season 6)

The conclusion of “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 6 marked a significant and harrowing event in the series – a hospital shooting that gripped viewers with its raw intensity and emotional depth. The protagonist, Meredith Grey, was once again at the center of this tragic event, facing an unimaginable test of strength and resilience.

The shooter, a grieving husband unable to cope with his wife’s death, went on a rampage through Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, leaving a trail of chaos and fear in his wake. In a terrifying twist, Meredith found herself in the shooter’s crosshairs, but it was not her own life she was most concerned about – it was her husband Derek’s.

Derek was shot during the rampage, leaving Meredith in a desperate situation. Displaying an extraordinary level of bravery, she offered herself to the shooter in exchange for Derek’s life. This selfless act was a testament to her deep love for Derek and her willingness to put others before herself, even in the face of imminent danger.

This event marked one of the darkest days in the hospital’s history and had profound implications for all characters involved. For Meredith, it was a significant moment that highlighted her courage and her capacity for self-sacrifice. It also had a deep emotional impact on her, leading to a miscarriage, adding another layer of tragedy to an already heartrending situation.

Childbirth (Season 9)

Meredith went into labor during a superstorm that hit Seattle, causing power outages throughout Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. This was a precarious situation, as the hospital staff had to scramble to provide care amidst the chaos of the storm.

The birth of her son, Bailey, named after Dr. Miranda Bailey who performed the emergency C-section, was complicated by Meredith’s previously undiagnosed condition – a ruptured spleen and massive internal bleeding.

As she was rushed into surgery, viewers were once again reminded of the precarious balance between life and death that Meredith, like all the characters in “Grey’s Anatomy,” constantly navigates.

Despite the life-threatening situation, Meredith insisted on staying awake during her surgery to ensure her colleagues did everything they could to save her.

Slapped By Her Father (Season 4)

In Season 4 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Meredith Grey faces an intensely personal and painful situation. In a deeply emotional scene, she is slapped by her estranged father, Thatcher Grey, right in the middle of the hospital.

This incident occurs after Thatcher’s second wife, Susan, dies from complications of a routine medical procedure performed at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Feeling an intense sense of grief and anger, Thatcher confronts Meredith at her workplace, blaming her for not doing enough to save Susan.

Overwhelmed by his emotions, he slaps Meredith in front of her colleagues.

Plane Crash (Season 8)

Meredith, along with Derek Shepherd, Cristina Yang, Mark Sloan, Arizona Robbins, and Lexie Grey, her half-sister, were on a plane to Boise to perform a complex surgery when disaster struck. Their plane crashed in the wilderness, leaving the group injured, isolated, and struggling for survival.

Meredith faced multiple personal and professional trials during this tragedy. She had to summon immense strength to help her friends, despite suffering from her own injuries. However, the most heartbreaking moment was the loss of her sister, Lexie, who was trapped under debris from the plane and succumbed to her injuries.

She is Pregnant when her Husband Dies (Season 11)

In Season 11 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” a heartrending series of events unfolds for Meredith Grey, pushing her to the limits of her emotional and physical strength. After the devastating loss of her husband, Derek Shepherd, in a car accident, Meredith faces the arduous journey of pregnancy and childbirth alone.

Meredith discovers she is pregnant with Derek’s child shortly after his death, a bittersweet revelation that underscores the profound loss she is experiencing. The subsequent storyline follows Meredith as she navigates her grief while preparing for the arrival of her new baby.

The already complex situation intensifies when Meredith goes into labor during a storm, echoing the circumstances of her first child’s birth. She gives birth to a healthy baby girl, Ellis, named after her late mother. But the joy of her daughter’s arrival is overshadowed by a sudden medical emergency.

Meredith starts bleeding profusely due to a complication known as placental abruption. In an incredibly poignant scene, she is found by her older daughter, Zola, who alerts others to her mother’s condition.

COVID-19 (Season 17)

Season 17 of “Grey’s Anatomy” grappled with the real-world health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, weaving it into the narrative fabric of the show. This storyline once again placed Meredith Grey at the forefront of a major crisis, reflecting the struggles and resilience of healthcare professionals around the world.

As the pandemic hit Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Meredith, like her real-world counterparts, found herself on the frontlines, battling an unseen and deadly enemy. The strain of the crisis, both physically and emotionally, was palpable. This storyline highlighted the immense pressure healthcare workers faced during this unprecedented time, showcasing their determination, courage, and the toll the pandemic took on them.

In a dramatic twist, Meredith contracted the virus herself. This development led to one of the most poignant and surreal arcs of the season as Meredith was plunged into a coma. While unconscious, she found herself on a dream-like beach, where she encountered loved ones who had passed away, including her late husband, Derek Shepherd, and her friend George O’Malley.

Not enough of Meredith’s tragedies? Here is the most complete list of her traumas I could find on Reddit.

  • Her father leaves her and her mom. She doesn’t know why.
  • Her mom tries to kill herself by slitting her wrists, bleeds out in front of her and she has to call 911 to save her
  • Her mom isn’t an attentive mother and she feels unloved.
  • Her mom has Alzheimer’s and she has to keep it a secret and take care of her alone.
  • She finds out her mom had an affair with a man which is why she asked her father to leave.
  • She finds out about her dad’s new family and her two half sisters.
  • She thinks she found of the love of her life but finds the man(Derek) is married which makes her the mistress. He leaves her for his wife.
  • She puts her arm in a body cavity with a bomb.
  • Her dog died of cancer
  • Her mom’s memory returns. She’s disappointed in Meredith. And then she forgets everything.
  • She almost dies by drowning. (Possibly suicidal)
  • Her mom dies.
  • Her stepmom dies and her father blames her for it and even slaps her in her workplace. He also becomes an alcoholic due to this.
  • Her good friend has progressed cancer. (Izzie)
  • Her friend dies in a bus accident. (George)
  • She is forced to donate her liver to her dad since he isn’t eligible according to UNOS due to his alcoholism.
  • There’s a shooting at the hospital. Her batchmates, friend and boyfriend gets shot. She offers her own life while her best friend tries to save her husband with a gun to her head.
  • She has a miscarriage.
  • She almost loses her adopted child.
  • Her job and marriage is at risk because of messing up a treatment trial.
  • She’s in a ambulance crash with a friend. (Alex)
  • She is in a plane crash with her husband, best friends and close friends. Her half sister dies.
  • She has to have a c-section during a power outage by under experienced doctors. Nearly dies.
  • Her best friend moves away. (Cristina)
  • Her marriage is threatened as her husband needs to move away for a job but she doesn’t want to.
  • Her husband dies due to a car accident and due to incompetence of the doctors treating him.
  • She finds out she’s pregnant and will have to raise three kids as a single working mom.
  • She finds out she has a secret half sister.
  • She is violently attacked by a mentally unstable patient giving her life threatening injuries.
  • She has to go to Jail because she’s changed for insurance fraud.
  • The doctor responsible for her husband’s death is a part of the board which decides weather she keeps her medical license and later dies due to a seizure.
  • Her best friend leaves without proper goodbye to reunite with the mother of his kids. (Alex)
  • Her dad dies.
  • She gets COVID-19 and even goes on a vent.
  • Her boyfriend dies by getting beaten up by a human trafficker. (DeLuca)