The Worst Guests on ‘Below Deck’, According to Reddit

The Most Controversial Guests on ‘Below Deck’ According to Fans.

Welcome aboard the world of ‘Below Deck’, a reality television series that sails us into the often turbulent waters of luxury yachting. The show, which has been gracing our screens since 2013, reveals the trials and tribulations of yacht crew members as they cater to the whims of wealthy, demanding guests aboard a superyacht. Every charter brings a new group of guests, each with their own unique quirks, expectations, and temperaments. Some guests are a delight, while others… not so much.

Let’s turn our periscope towards those guests who, according to ardent ‘Below Deck’ fans, made waves for all the wrong reasons. These are the guests who pushed the crew to their limits with their excessive demands, poor manners, or downright outrageous behavior.

To compile our list, we pored over numerous threads, comments, and upvotes on the ‘Below Deck’ subreddit, a community with tens of thousands of seafaring fans. We specifically focused on threads where users were asked to share their opinions on the most difficult, challenging, or troublesome guests. The guests who featured most prominently and consistently in these discussions were included in our list.

So, sit back, strap in, and prepare for some choppy waters as we navigate through the worst guests on ‘Below Deck’, according to fans.

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Timothy Sykes (Season 2)

First on our list is Timothy Sykes, a millionaire penny stock trader, who charted the yacht during the show’s second season. Known for his extravagant lifestyle and unapologetic braggadocio, Sykes brought his high-flying ways to ‘Below Deck’, making a lasting impression on both the crew and the viewers.

Sykes’ behavior during his charter was marked by a series of high-demand requests and last-minute changes that sent the crew scrambling. One such instance involved an impromptu beach picnic, which he insisted on despite the obvious logistical difficulties and the crew’s attempts to suggest alternatives.

On Reddit, fans of the show shared their thoughts on Sykes, with many echoing sentiments of frustration and exasperation. One user noted, “Sykes seemed to thrive on making unreasonable demands, just to see how far he could push the crew.” Another user pointed out, “The way he treated the crew wasn’t just demanding, it was downright disrespectful at times.”

However, not all Reddit users were entirely critical of Sykes. Some acknowledged that his behavior, while extreme, contributed to the entertainment value of the show. As one user put it, “Sykes was definitely a handful, but you have to admit, he made that episode pretty unforgettable.”

In the realm of ‘Below Deck’, Timothy Sykes certainly left a mark. His insistence on opulence and disregard for the crew’s advice challenged the team’s ability to deliver top-tier service, highlighting the show’s core tension between the demands of luxury charter guests and the realities of yacht operation.

Krystal Murphy (Season 6)

Our journey continues with Krystal Murphy, the last charter guest from Season 6, who quickly became infamous among the ‘Below Deck’ fandom. A wealthy socialite from San Francisco, Krystal came aboard with a group of friends to celebrate her birthday, and the ensuing drama was nothing short of a spectacle.

Krystal’s charter was marked by late-night antics, tantrums, and an unforgettable instance where she was found sleeping on the deck’s exterior furniture after a disagreement with her friends. Her behavior throughout the charter proved to be a test for the crew’s patience, especially when she refused to come out for a beach picnic the crew had painstakingly prepared.

The response from Reddit users to Krystal’s appearance on the show was largely negative. Many users noted her lack of respect for her friends and the crew. One user commented, “Krystal’s constant demands and mood swings made her one of the most difficult guests to watch. She seemed to have no regard for anyone else on board.” Another user added, “The way she treated her friends was just as bad as the way she treated the crew. It was uncomfortable to watch at times.”

Despite the criticism, there were a few who found her presence on the show entertaining. A user noted, “Krystal was definitely over the top, but it’s guests like her that make ‘Below Deck’ so addictive to watch.”

Krystal Murphy’s appearance on ‘Below Deck’ certainly stirred the waters, adding a fair share of drama to Season 6.

Vito Glazers (Season 3)

Next on our list is Vito Glazers, an entrepreneur and online marketing strategist, whose time on ‘Below Deck’ was notable for a variety of reasons. While Glazers was not necessarily the most outrageous or demanding guest, his interactions with the crew and his approach to the charter made a significant impression on viewers and Reddit users.

During his time on the yacht, Glazers’ behavior was marked by an air of superiority and a tendency to overstep boundaries with the crew. Whether it was inappropriate comments or overbearing demands, Glazers’ demeanor was often seen as disrespectful and unwelcome.

Reddit users had much to say about Glazers’ appearance on the show. One user commented, “Glazers seemed to treat the crew as if they were beneath him. It’s one thing to enjoy the luxury of a yacht charter, but it’s another to disregard basic respect and decency.” Another user noted, “His behavior towards the crew was cringeworthy at best, and outright disrespectful at worst.”

However, as with many controversial guests, some viewers found the drama brought by Glazers entertaining. A fan noted, “Glazers definitely added a different flavor to the show. His antics, while often frustrating, were part of what made that charter so memorable.”

Johnny Damon (Season 7)

Our voyage through the stormy seas of ‘Below Deck’s’ most controversial guests brings us to Johnny Damon, a former professional baseball player, who appeared on the show in Season 7. Damon and his group quickly gained a reputation for their rowdy behavior and relentless partying, which kept the crew on their toes throughout the charter.

From excessive drinking to loud late-night antics, Damon’s group was certainly a handful for the crew. Despite their affable nature, the relentless pace and high energy of the group often left the crew exhausted and struggling to keep up.

Fans on Reddit had a mixed response to Damon’s appearance on the show. While some expressed frustration at the group’s behavior, others found their party-loving attitude entertaining. One user noted, “Johnny Damon’s charter was a whirlwind. They were definitely a lively bunch, but I felt for the crew trying to keep up with their demands.” Another user added, “Damon and his friends sure knew how to party. It was wild, but it made for some great TV.”

A few users even praised Damon’s group for their tip, which was one of the most generous of the season. A comment read, “Say what you will about Damon’s charter, but they did leave a hefty tip. It seemed like they appreciated the crew’s hard work.”

Steve Bradley (Seasons 1 & 6)

Rounding off our list is Steve Bradley, affectionately or infamously known as the “Foam Guy”. Steve first appeared in Season 1 and returned for another charter in Season 6, solidifying his place in ‘Below Deck’ history with his eccentric behavior and love for foam parties.

Bradley’s charters were marked by his high energy and often over-the-top demands. From requesting an elaborate foam party on the deck to his high-volume antics, Bradley certainly kept the crew busy. His disregard for yacht etiquette, including an instance where he jumped off the yacht while intoxicated, caused many a headache for the crew.

Reddit users had a field day discussing Bradley’s appearances on the show. One user commented, “Steve Bradley was a real piece of work. His demands were outrageous, and his behavior was often out of control.” Another user added, “The foam party was one thing, but jumping off the yacht was just reckless. He seemed to have no regard for the crew’s safety.”

Despite the criticisms, some users found Bradley’s eccentricities entertaining. A fan noted, “Sure, Bradley was a handful, but his charters were some of the most entertaining. The foam party will forever be a classic ‘Below Deck’ moment.”

It’s clear that the world of luxury yachting is far from smooth sailing. These guests, with their extravagant demands, unpredictable behavior, and, at times, complete disregard for yacht etiquette, have tested the crew’s resilience, patience, and adaptability.

However, it’s also these guests that inject an undeniable level of drama and intrigue into the show. Their antics, while often frustrating, are undeniably a part of what keeps viewers coming back for more, season after season.