The TV Moments That Left Fans Almost or Entirely in Tears

A television show has the power to take its audience on an emotional rollercoaster, creating moments that resonate deeply, leaving a lasting imprint. Recently, a discussion on Reddit beckoned TV enthusiasts to share episodes or scenes that left them almost or entirely in tears.

This brought forth a flood of responses, each recounting tales of heart-wrenching scenes that left viewers broken, if only for a moment. Let’s delve into some of these poignant shares, which reiterate the profound impact storytelling can have on us.

The Twisted Tale of Tony Almeida in “24”

A Reddit user reminisces about a shocking turn in “24” when Tony Almeida, previously presumed dead, reveals a dark side. The tale unfolds as Tony, Jack Bauer’s trusted friend through five seasons, faces tragedies only to be swept into a sinister plot. The revelation leaves not just Jack, but the audience too, grappling with the sting of betrayal. This narrative from “24” exemplifies how a twist in a tale can unhinge even the staunchest of fan loyalties.

“Ooo, I LOVE this question because I always have the same answer: “24” when previously dead Tony Almeida is revealed to be the bad guy. For real, this time. No, really… follow me here:

Tony Almeida is Jack Bauer’s best friend through 5 seasons, then his wife gets blown up and then he gets a dose of a lethal injection by the Big Bad guy…. only it turns out it wasn’t ACTUALLY lethal, and somehow the Big Bad (who was the guy that blew up Tony’s wife) is able to convince Tony to join his terrorist organization, which Jack discovers when he captures Tony in season 7, only to be told that Tony is ACTUALLY just undercover, so they work together UNTIL Tony turns on Jack and reveals he’s been a bad guy all along and….” – stubept said.

“The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones”

An impassioned viewer opens up about the disappointment in “The Walking Dead” Season 6 finale, lamenting a cliffhanger that seemed more a ploy for ratings than a narrative triumph. They describe a build-up that led to a letdown, leaving them disgruntled. Similarly, they express disenchantment with “Game of Thrones” during ‘The Long Night’ episode, where frustration drove them to seek spoilers rather than endure the suspense. Through these recounts, we see how crucial a well-executed climax is in retaining a show’s allure and viewer loyalty.

“Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. A cynical, ratings/discussion driven decision to end the season with a shitty cliffhanger like that. An entire half season dedicated to building up to one moment, only to get there and go ‘teehee just kidding come back in 6 months’. Terrible. And then how the season 7 premier draws it out even FURTHER, so you don’t see the actual conclusion to the cliffhanger until like 30 minutes into the episode. Fuck off.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show have such a fast plummet in quality like TWD did. Season 5 was phenomenal, and then 6 was so bad, capped off with that trashfire of a finale. Truly impressive

Special mention goes to Game of Thrones. Way late in the game, but The Long Night was when I just said ‘fuck it, I don’t care anymore. I’m looking up spoilers for the remaining episodes’.” – Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead.” – butreallythobruh said.

“Dexter” and “The Walking Dead”

A fan points out the decline in “Dexter” post its fourth season, marking it as a departure from logic. Meanwhile, “The Walking Dead” faces criticism for the arbitrary killing of beloved characters Carl and Glen, and the inexplicable write-off of Rick. These narrative choices, seen as devoid of logical foundation, led this viewer to bid adieu to the show, highlighting the delicate balance shows must maintain to keep the allegiance of their audience.

“Dexter after season 4 was total nonsense. The Walking Dead when they killed the characters of Carl and Glen then wrote Rick off for no logical reason. I gave up afterwards.The Walking Dead when they killed the characters of Carl and Rick off I gave up afterwards.” – honey_rainbow said.

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