‘The Goonies’ Returns to Theaters for Warner Bros.’ 100th Anniversary

‘The Goonies’ is coming back to the big screen!

Warner Bros. is rolling out the red carpet for some of its most iconic films as part of its year-long 100th-anniversary celebration, and “The Goonies” is among the classics getting the star treatment.

Starting September 1st, the Richard Donner-directed film will hit the big screen again, but this time in select Regal and AMC theaters. Cinemark theaters will follow suit on September 10th.

This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill re-release, as it aligns with other significant Warner Bros. events, like the return of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy slated for Batman Day in September.

With major theater chains likely to offer just one “WB100” edition showing of the film per day, you might want to start planning your outing and check your local listings for ticket availability and showtimes.

Now, why is “The Goonies” such a big deal, you ask? Originally released in 1985, this children’s adventure film became a cultural touchstone for many growing up in the ’80s and beyond.

The movie focuses on a motley crew of kids, affectionately named the Goonies. Led by brothers Mikey and Brand, portrayed by Sean Astin and Josh Brolin respectively, the gang also includes the tech-savvy Data, the fast-talking Mouth, the ever-hungry Chunk, and high-schoolers Andy and Stef.

Together, they embark on a quest to find a long-lost pirate treasure, not just for the thrill of it, but to save their homes in the “Goondocks” from being foreclosed on.

This isn’t the first time “The Goonies” has returned to theaters. In 2020, for its 35th anniversary, Warner Bros. also arranged a theatrical re-release, and the occasion was marked by a virtual reunion of the surviving cast members in a charity event known as “Reunited Apart with Josh Gad.”

This charity reunion offered fans a nostalgic look back at the film, which has remained endearing to audiences over the years.

For years, there’s been speculation about a potential sequel to “The Goonies,” with various cast members and even Steven Spielberg, the original’s story writer and producer, weighing in on the matter.

Spielberg himself has noted that every couple of years, they toy with an idea for a sequel, but nothing has quite captured the magic of the original.

He mentioned, “The problem is the bar that all of you raised on this genre, I don’t think we’ve really successfully been able to find an idea that is better than ‘The Goonies’ that we all made in the ’80s.”

Ke Huy Quan, who played the lovable gadgeteer Data, offered additional insights during the 2023 Golden Globes. He discussed how multiple scripts had been considered but ultimately rejected, largely because they didn’t live up to the high standards set by the original film.

Quan poignantly added that the Goonies are now without their “captain,” referencing the sad passing of director Richard Donner in 2021, and he was unsure of the project’s future.

If you’re one of the many who live by the Goonies’ credo that “Goonies never say die,” this re-release offers a fantastic opportunity to relive the magic or introduce new fans to this classic adventure. Keep an eye on your local theater’s schedule, as this is a limited-time engagement you won’t want to miss.

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