Still No ’28 Months Later’, Even After Nearly 28 Years

Where’s ’28 Months Later’?

Can you believe it’s been nearly 28 years and we’re still waiting for the third film in the “28 Days Later” franchise? It’s almost as if time has stopped and left fans hanging in the suspense of what happens next.

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The excitement around the franchise was ignited by “28 Days Later,” which came out in 2002. This movie turned the zombie genre on its head, bringing a new intensity and emotional depth we hadn’t seen before. Thanks to Danny Boyle’s masterful direction and powerful performances from rising stars like Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris, the film was a surprise hit.

Then came “28 Weeks Later” in 2007, showing us what happened when people tried to return to London, thinking the Rage infection was under control. Spoiler: it wasn’t.

While this sequel got decent reviews and did okay at the box office, it wasn’t quite the sensation the first movie was. But, it left us on a cliffhanger, suggesting that the infection had now spread beyond the UK. Fans like us have been waiting for the follow-up ever since. And waiting… and waiting.

Alex Garland, the writer, and Danny Boyle have been teasing us about a sequel, tentatively called “28 Months Later,” for years now. We’re well past the 28-month mark now, and the title “28 Years Later” is starting to feel more appropriate.

A lot of us would love to see how the infection changed the world, how different countries responded, and whether humanity pulled together or fell apart. A sequel set 28 years later could explore all of this and more.

And here’s a fun thought: What if “28 Years Later” came out in 2030? That would be exactly 28 years after the original movie. It would be a clever way to link the movies together, although probably too much of a gimmick to actually happen.

Despite Garland suggesting in 2015 that the franchise could continue beyond a third movie, let’s face it, the “28 Days Later” series will never be a Resident Evil-scale franchise. But it doesn’t need to be. A well-done third installment could bring back old cast members, provide a satisfying conclusion, and keep the legacy of the original movie alive.

Every now and then, we hear rumblings that a third movie might be on the horizon. Garland and Boyle have mentioned they have a solid concept for a third film, and Boyle has even said he’d be tempted to direct it. So, the possibility of “28 Years Later” isn’t completely off the table.

But until there’s an official announcement, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that one day, we’ll finally get to see the conclusion to this thrilling saga. In the meantime, we’ll keep rewatching “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later,” living in the suspense and excitement they offer.