Sarah Goldberg and Adam F. Goldberg Relationship Timeline

Apart from having a successful career, the writer has a lovely family, which he likes to keep hidden from the spotlight.

Goldberg’s wife is Sarah Goldberg, a trained and licensed physician.

She works in Los Angeles, where she lives with her husband though it is unclear how long she has worked. 

Let us look at their relationship timeline. 

How they met

Adam and Sarah met in 1992 at Northwestern University during a summer theater program.

They dated for a few years before tying the knot.

Details on their wedding ceremony are scanty since they have never been revealed. 

The couple does not have children. 

The Goldbergs series has been on air since 2013, and its longevity is attributed to it being one of ABC’s best-performing TV shows.

ABC ordered the sitcom to run for four more episodes, making season nine have 22 episodes. 

The show’s future beyond the season is unknown since there are speculations it may not be renewed for a tenth season.

Sarah Goldberg is famous, yet her life is a mystery.

It seems that being a professional therapist makes her hide from the spotlight since she understands how it can damage one’s life. 

There is Little Information Regarding Sarah Goldberg and Her Relationship with Adam F. Goldberg

Sarah and Adam’s relationship is admirable despite the little information on the internet regarding their romance. 

Some of the details found regarding Sarah Goldberg are that she lives in Los Angeles, California, since that is where she also works.

Her date and place of birth are unavailable to the public.

The fact that she is rarely seen in public could be why she is not active on social media. 

The couple’s courtship, wedding ceremony, and honeymoon are still a mystery.

There is no information regarding their children; thus, it is safe to assume they do not have kids. 

One may confuse her with Sarah Goldberg, the Canadian actress, or Sarah Danielle Goldberg, an American actress, since they have similar names. 

Even though Adam F. Goldberg is multitalented, as shown by his immense popularity and contribution over the years, their married life has a lot of secrets the public does not know.

Anyway, many still wish them a blissful and successful marriage.