Outer Banks Madelyn Cline appeared in Stranger Things as Tina

Madelyn Cline is a beautiful and popular young actress who made a name for herself in the hit American action-adventure mystery teen drama series “Outer Banks”.

But, she also appeared in one more famous TV series, even though most fans haven’t even noticed it.  

We are talking about the second season of “Stranger Things”! 

She appeared in just two episodes as Tina, but considering that she doesn’t look like herself, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you probably failed to recognize her. 

Madelyn Cline as Tina in “Stranger Things” Season Two

We were able to watch Madelyn Cline as Tina in only the first two episodes of season two of “Stranger Things.”

The young actress appeared in the episodes “Chapter One: MADMAX” and “Chapter Two: Trick or Treat.”

Her role in the first episode was barely noticeable as she stands with her friends while Billy dazzles everyone with his spectacular entrance at the school. In the second episode, she had a more recurring role.

In the second episode, titled “Chapter Two: Trick or Treat,” we get to see more of Tina as she had the honor of hosting the biggest party of the year at her house.

As you might expect, Tina didn’t fall short of success, and she managed to throw by far the best party Hawkins has ever seen.

One of the best scenes from that episode is when Nancy and Steve arrive, dressed up as Rebecca De Mornay and Tom Cruise from the legendary 1983 movie “Risky Business.”

Playing Tina was a Revelation for Madelyn Cline

Even though not everyone can say that they appeared on “Stranger Things,” this wasn’t by far Madelyn’s breakthrough role.

Madelyn appears a few times and her physical appearance is changed drastically, to the point where people didn’t even recognize her.

Now, even though playing Tina didn’t do anything career-wise for Madelyn, it made her realize something far more important.

While playing Tina, she understood what her true calling was and that made the decision to move to Los Angeles and give it her all to become a full-time actress that much easier.

Around the time of the filming, Madelyn was still a college student juggling acting and studying for college. 

She was also in the cast of “The Originals” at the time but appeared in only three episodes.

“It was starting to be extremely difficult. It was just impossible to manage college and acting at the same time and I knew I had to give up one thing or another. My role in ‘Stranger Things’ helped me make that difficult decision. I ultimately decided to drop out of college and move to LA to pursue a further career in acting,” Madelyn said in an interview.