Who is Michael Richards’ Wife Beth Skipp?

Beth Skipp is an actress famous for being Michael Richards’s spouse.

Some of the movies she acted in include the 1997 movie Alternate Reality, the 2002 movie Monk, and the 2005 movie Prime. 

She also made brief appearances in various series, an example being Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Beth Skipp has never disclosed her age, which further helps speculate the rumors regarding her exact age but we can assume she’s in her fifties.

The actress was born in Los Angeles, California.

Even though she is an American citizen, she prefers to keep a low profile regarding details regarding her childhood and family background, thus making it difficult to find any information relating to them.

Despite reports that she has a Bachelor’s degree from Columbia University, her educational background is unknown to the public, and it would be unreasonable to assume her level of education. 

Beth Skipp’s Acting Career

Skipp has acted in 10 television shows and movies; her most recent performance was in Lobby Lobster in 2007. She acted as a woman named Beth.

The actress had a passion for acting when she was a child, which may be due to her growing up in Los Angeles. 

She started her acting career by acting in various television advertisements and modeling for various national and international brands.

She also went through many auditions before her breakthrough in 1997, when she acted as the lead character in Alternate Realities.

The film was about a woman named Crystal who came across her mom’s suicide note and ventured on a journey to know why her mom committed suicide. 

This was her only performance for the next three years until 1999, when she appeared in a single episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. 

She acted in five other television shows and movies like the 2001 movie The Tag and guest appearances in the series Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Monk. 

She also acted as a salesperson in the movie Prime, which starred Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep. 

Michael and Skipp have a Huge Age Gap

As mentioned before, the actress is married to Michael Richard.

They have been married for more than ten years since they tied the knot in 2010 though they started dating earlier.

Michael and Skipp have been together since 2002, when they started dating.

They have a child named Antonio Baz Richards, and he was born a year after they tied the knot.

Skipp is also a stepmother since Michael has a daughter from a previous relationship named Sophia Richards.

Skipp’s marriage to Michael did not happen without its fair share of controversies.

When they tied the knot, they caused a stir in the entertainment world since the comedian is about three decades older than Skipp.

Many were amazed to learn that Skipp’s stepdaughter, Sophia is almost the same age as her. 

The Couple Lives in Los Angeles

In early 2021, the couple was seen in Los Angeles as they enjoyed family time with their son.

Skipp and Michael wore plaid jackets and black face masks as Antonio held the leash to their dog. 

In April of that same year, their neighbor sued the couple for cutting the trees on her property.

This was in the affluent neighborhood of Pacific Palisades. 

They came under fire after felling the fully-grown Brazilian Pepper Trees and the surrounding bush, according to statements obtained by media outlets.

The neighbor lived close to the couple and revealed the trees were more than 18 feet tall, and their reason for this was to improve their view of the ocean; she felt this was done at the expense of her privacy. 

She said it would cost more than $60,000 to replace the trees, and it would take not less than two decades to grow to the same height.

She also wanted an additional $200,000 for the drop in the property’s value due to their actions.