Meet Maya Hawke’s Boyfriend Spencer Barnett

For those who are familiar with Stranger Things, they have seen Robin Buckley in season 4.

The character, which Maya Hawke plays, first shot to the scene in season 3, and ever since, she has grown into a fan favorite due to her funny one-liners and quirky humor. 

By the time season 4 was released, she was an essential member as she was helping to save the world by taking down Vecna. 

She has also gained popularity for talking about her sexuality.

There was a time she turned down Steve Harrington’s advances by stating that she preferred dating girls.

During an interview with Variety, the actress was grateful for the show’s autonomy regarding her character.

In reality, Hawke has been linked with men like the Rolling Stone President and COO, Gus Wenner, and actor Tom Sturridge.

Currently, she is dating Spencer Barnett. 

Who is Spencer Barnett?

Spencer Barnett is younger than Maya though their age gap is three years.

The two were first seen in early 2022 kissing and have since been seen together on several occasions. 

The two tried to hide the facts about their personal lives and relationship from the public. 

The two were seen together in different locations, including California.

They had never disclosed when they started dating or how they met and have never given fans an idea of their future intentions. 

The couple is yet to confirm or deny they are in a relationship, and neither of them has posted a picture of the other on their social media accounts. 

Spencer Barnett is a famous musician, singer, celebrity, media face, partner, and social media sensation from New York City. 

He is well-known across the country for his soulful voice and fantastic melodies.

He has been participating in the music industry since he was young and has released three albums; I’m Fine, Reckless, and Welcome to My Mind. 

The superstar was born in 2002 in New York.

He grew up with his siblings in San Francisco; as of 2022, he is 20 years old.

According to reliable sources, he went to school in a private institution in New York and graduated from a respected high school with excellent academic performance. 

The musician prefers to separate his business and personal lives, so he refused to provide the names of the institutions he studied.

The artist is 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighs more than 70 kilograms, and has lovely brown eyes, though there is no information about his body measurements. 

Barnett’s Net Worth

The musician is living a good life with his girlfriend.

He has a place of his own and is usually neat with his personal space and belongings.

He also has a space in his house for music and song practice.

He receives a lot from his music and singing career, and according to reports, he may be worth $2 million. 

The performer was attracted to music and singing from an early age.

His first music lessons were done using the guitar and piano before he reached the age of eight.

When he was 13 years old, he started making songs and improving his skills, and according to those close to him, his first song was released in 2017, named Whatever.

When he released his other three albums, many described his songs as calming and heartfelt.

Some of his best songs include How to Get Over You, 48 Hours in Paris, Slow It Down, Greatest Friend, Dancing, and 48 Hours in Paris.

It is safe to assume that the two are still very much in love, and even though they have never confirmed their relationship, we wish them well.