Jared Padalecki Reveals the One “Supernatural” Episode He’d Never Show To His Kids

Supernatural, the long-running and beloved fantasy series, has garnered a massive and dedicated fan base over the years.

Although the show concluded in 2019, fans continue to enjoy rewatching its 300 episodes, discovering hidden gems and reliving the thrilling moments.

While some episodes are more popular than others, there’s one particular episode that Jared Padalecki, who played Sam Winchester, would never want his kids to see. Surprisingly, this episode is often regarded as one of the best in the series by fans.

Jared Padalecki, now a father of three, shares his children with his wife Genevieve Padalecki. The couple met on the set of Supernatural when Genevieve, then known by her maiden name Cortese, appeared as the demon Ruby in Season 4.

During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Jared admitted that it’s the death of Ruby’s character that he hopes his children will never witness.

The episode in question, “Lucifer Rising,” serves as the dramatic finale of Season 4. Throughout the season, Ruby had been a trusted friend and lover to Sam Winchester. However, in a shocking turn of events, she is revealed to be a double agent.

Ruby manipulates Sam into killing the powerful demon Lilith, ultimately freeing Lucifer, the demons’ revered god. When Sam and his brother Dean realize her betrayal, they kill Ruby with a special knife.

Jared Padalecki expressed his concern to Jimmy Kimmel that his children might find it disturbing to see “Daddy and Uncle Jensen” killing their mother on screen. While this episode could certainly lead to an awkward family movie night, fans praise its writing and execution.

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The unexpected twist in “Lucifer Rising” left viewers on the edge of their seats, and Genevieve Padalecki’s exceptional performance as Ruby garnered both admiration and hatred for her character. The episode is widely regarded as one of the best in Supernatural’s 15-season run, showcasing brilliant storytelling and unforgettable performances.

As fans continue to debate the merits of various episodes, one thing remains clear: Supernatural has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of its viewers. And while Jared Padalecki may be wary of sharing “Lucifer Rising” with his children, the episode’s clever writing and memorable moments will continue to captivate the show’s ardent fans.

Currently, Jared Padalecki is starring in the TV series “Walker”.