Is Taliesin Jaffe Married?

Taliesin Jaffe, an American voice actor, is a multi-talented figure in the world of Japanese animation.

He’s popular for dubbing English audio for R.O.D. The T.V. and Paranoia Agent, two influential anime shows.

Since it was directed by Likewise, his voice credit isn’t just limited to animated shows.

Jaffe has lent his voice to various well-known video games, including World of Warcraft, Street Fighter, and Grand Theft Auto V.

Having known his talent and success on screens, how do you know his romantic life? Does he have a partner?

Jaffe’s background info

Taliesin was born on January 19, 1977, in Los Angeles, California, at the height of 5 feet and 3 inches (1.6 meters).

In one way or another, several members of his family have been involved in the film industry. George Axelrod, his grandfather, was a writer and producer who worked on classic films, including The Manchurian Candidate.

Robert Jaffe, his father, is an actor and producer best known for his role in Honey I Blew Up The Kids. His mother, on the other hand, is an actress and casting director.

Is Jaffe gay?

While there have been reports that the star has is part of the LGBT community, this is not the case.

Jaffe is interested in dating both men and women. Taliesin hosted a special LGBTQ+ episode of The Wednesday Club in 2017.

He revealed his bis*xuality on the show. 

For a long time, the television had hinted at his preferences.

He made a funny metaphoric analogy of being a vampire to being gay during a panel talk at A.L.A. 2011.

Erika Ishii dating Jaffe?

Even though Taliesin Jaffe has always kept his life secret, Taliesin and Erika are dating and possibly married, according to rumors.

Neither of the two musicians, however, accept or deny the news.

Taliesin posted a clip on Instagram in 2015 with a glimpse of a female silhouette. All assumed Taliesin was his mother, much to Taliesin’s surprise.

Is he married?

The likelihood is that the answer to this question will be a resounding “NO.”

There is currently no detail or clues about Taliesin’s married life.

On the other hand, Taliesin gave a sneak peek of his girlfriend via an Instagram video on February 21, 2015. 

The reveal, however, only added to the audience’s confusion. Only his girlfriend’s outline was visible in the short film.

However, the actor revealed that she works as a professional nightclub go-go dancer.

It’s unclear if their relationship has progressed to the point of marriage or whether they have split up.

Tailesin Jaffe Net worth

In addition to working as a voice actor for a monthly salary of more than $90,000, he is involved in various other ventures.

As of 2019, Taliesin appears regularly in the T.V. show Critical Role alongside another voice actor, Matthew Mercer.

A screenwriter’s annual salary of $ 53K is one of his other sources of income. Because of the high demand for anime and pop culture, the artist is financially secure.